Best day ever


Roxy and Billy Bolt recently tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony in Cape Town. We chatted to the couple about how they brought their vision of a unique and personal celebration to life.

Born and raised in Umhlanga, Roxy met Billy, the British man of her dreams, when he was visiting South Africa. Billy is a six-time world champion off-road motorbike rider and youtuber and after a long-distance relationship, the couple are thrilled to finally be living together as husband and wife.

When coming up with a wedding theme, Roxy wanted a Palm Springs aesthetic – funky, bold and bright. “Both mine and Billy’s favourite colour is pink so we naturally gravitated towards that,” she explains. “And then I went with a touch of vintage with big ballroom chandeliers, traditional silver cutlery, crystal glassware and a grand piano.” The couple decided against a traditional wedding cake, choosing instead to cut a pizza as part of the celebration. “I knew I wanted my first meal as a married woman to be pizza!” says Roxy. In a unique twist, mini cakes were used as the guests’ name tags on the tables.

The wedding included many beautiful details, but it was Roxy’s dress that took centre stage. Designed and created by Umhlanga artist Jane Wolff, the dress included various elements as tributes to Billy, the couple’s relationship and the things that are special to them. “Jane came up with the idea to make custom lace and for this I provided her with things like my first plane ticket to go visit Billy, a drawing of us from a trip to Paris, and reference images for my love of hearts and chandeliers,” says Roxy. The bodice was beaded with personalised elements like lightning bolts and 57s (Billy’s race number), while silver beads and diamantes made it really pop. “The end result had me gobsmacked,” she says. “It was as regal as regal gets. It was a dream come true.”

Billy kept his outfit a surprise, which Roxy loved. After Roxy gave him a piece of her dress fabric as a reference, he had a suit custom-made, which he paired with Doc Martins. And when it came to the bridesmaids, Roxy opted for the quiet luxury of Umhlanga-based design Milliditz. “I always joked with my girls that I couldn’t wait to dress them like cupcakes when I got married,” she says. “We mixed things up with each girl in a different style and in various shades of pink.”

With loads of personal touches, a fun colour palette and a stunning setting, the wedding day was nothing short of perfect. Roxy’s advice to couples planning their big day is to start the ceremony early.
“It really does go by in a flash! Everyone will tell you about the sun and the heat and why you need to start later, but it’s such a special day that you only get to do once so make it last! I wish I started at 10am with a brunch,” she laughs.

Text: Jennifer Campbell
Photographs: Krust Photography