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The ultimate kits for the ultimate holiday

Holidays. We love them. But they do come with challenges.

Spilt champagne (so much more angst than milk) or gammon glaze on your best dress. Stress over cooking the turkey and setting the table and keeping gran happy (sherry, we find, works wonders!). Bugs and flies when you’re having sundowners and a braai outdoors. We’ve found a selection of absolutely wonderful kits that are going to make your life, and holiday, so much easier. And … they meet the eco-conscious brief.

First up .. those spills.  Pop a GoodBasics Stain Remover Pen into your bag … it’s a game-changer. A waterless pen – compact and portable, its impressive stain-erasing abilities lies in its pro-bacterial, eco-friendly solution which not only swiftly removes stains but continues to work its magic for up to 48-hours after application. Clothing, furniture, shoes, handbags, bibs … brilliant. Also add to your handbag the Air and Surface Sanitizer Spray, Sneaker Wipes, Sanitizer Wipes (individually packed, so brilliant for when you’re travelling) and – another hot fave of ours – the GoodBasics Fabric Refresher – also perfect when travelling, it refreshes fabric between washes. Details: za.goodbasics.com or takealot.

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Let’s tackle that stress. And as much as we love Christmas – and we do really, really love Christmas – it does bring stress. The Aromatic Apothecary aromatherapy Stress Less range is designed for when your mind needs calming, your body requires balance, or you simply need a bit of soothing during a rough patch. There’s a spray, a roll-on and a rub-on lotion, a mini-roll and an inhaler that you can pop into your bag, and a massage and bath oil. Gorgeous scent … all ginger, rosemary, peppermint and lavender. Buy individually or in a set. Details: aromatic.co.za

Holidays. Sundowners. Braais. Bugs! The Aromatic Apothecary Bugs Away range includes an insect repellent spray, a Zap-Bites mini roll-on for bites and stings, and a Shu-Fly (don’t you love the name!) an aromatherapy burner oil to keep mozzies, bugs and flies away. We’ve tested them … they work. And – massive bonus – with geranium, lemongrass, lavender and citronella, smell good too. You can buy individually or in a value-for-money set. Details: aromatic.co.za

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