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In the month of love, why not plant roses in your garden?

Roses are fragrant, romantic and one of the most loved flowers mainly because of their classic beauty. They also represent a wide range of emotions, the most common
being love. Red roses are synonymous with Valentine’s Day and romance in general. In the month of love, why not plant roses in your garden? Follow these easy steps and give your loved ones the gift of roses to enjoy.

Choose the right section in your garden

Before planting roses in your garden, decide on where exactly you plan on planting the roses. Select a section of your garden that will ensure your roses reach their full potential.
According to Garden Design, roses thrive when planted in well-drained soil that is rich in organic matter. In heavy clay soil, mix compost, peat moss and other organic matter to
improve drainage. In lean, sandy soils, adding compost will help retain moisture near the plants roots.

Consider the weather conditions

All plants thrive on different weather conditions and roses bloom in hot, dry conditions. Your roses should get at least six hours of direct sunlight a day. Better Home and Gardens
recommends roses to fully get the six hours of direct sunlight a day. This prevents them from susceptible attack from pests and diseases. Hot climates should have some shade to
protect the roses from the hottest sun. Try planting your roses in a spot with morning sun and afternoon shade. Cold climates should have a warm wall or a fence to keep the
roses from getting too cold. Avoid planting your roses near trees or shrubs as they will compete for nutrients, water and light.

Decide on the type of roses

An array of roses would be a beautiful addition to your garden but you need to decide on the different type of roses you want to plant and which ones will bloom in your region. You should also consider the size and appearance of the rose. The most common type of roses to plant is the Hybrid Tea, which grows as upright bushes that grow one flower per stem. These may be the roses you’re most used to seeing at the florists. The shrub and landscape
roses come in a variety of shapes and sizes that suit any landscape. They grow closer to the ground, are naturally disease-resistant and require less attention than other roses while bearing roses over a long season.

Gather the correct material for planting roses

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Once you’ve followed the above steps, invest in good material that will make planting the roses easy and manageable. You will need: Fertilizer, mulch, pruning shears, gardening gloves, compost or rose planting mix, a spade, shovel and a filled watering pot.

Prepare to plant

According to ludwigsroses.com the planting procedure will determine the future of your roses. Preparation of soil, size of hole and extent of aftercare depend very much on
a range of factors: on the existing condition of the ground, the nature of the terrain and the prevailing climatic and weather conditions. https//www.ludwigsroses.co.za.

Prune your roses

Pruning and deadheading keeps your rosebushes lush, healthy, and constantly blooming. Most gardeners prune their roses in the early spring, just before or as plants begin to grow. As you prune roses, keep in mind that you want your plants to grow with an open centre
so air can flow freely through the plant; this will also keep your rose from looking like a crazy mess of branches. As you do this, cut out any dead branches as well as small,
weak canes. Some classic roses take a lot of complicated pruning, but shrub roses are meant to be as low maintenance as possible.

Give your roses TLC

Once your roses are the way you envisioned them to be and you’re consistent in taking care of them, give them TLC, enjoy them and gift them to loved ones.


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