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Men with Momentum: Jaguar Landrover Bloemfontein

Hein Viljoen: Dealer Principal

As manager of 57 staff members at Jaguar Landrover Bloemfontein, Hein Viljoen believes his success is owed to the fact that he does not focus too much on other people’s business.

His secure, safe childhood and lessons from his father have taught him that hard work and honesty will take you far in life. He confides that he always starts off the day on his knees, praying to the Lord, Jesus Christ. “I am a strong believer of doing your best and letting God do the rest.”

As Dealer Principal, apart from managing the staff, Hein’s work entails overseeing the sales and repairs of vehicles on a daily basis. He enjoys giving staff responsibilities and seeing them take on their liabilities and making a success of the opportunity. Hein has always been inspired by the apostle Paul from the Holy Bible and the way Paul (then Saul), reacted when he was called by the Lord on his way to Tarsus . Hein emphasises that his faith is what gets him through trying moments in life.

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His advice to the younger generation is to put your head down and work hard. “Stay true to your beliefs, and remember, nothing is more important than acting what and who you say you are.” He is proud to say that one of the best decisions of his life was marrying his amazing wife, Thea-Ele. When he is not in the office, he enjoys time with his loved ones. As outdoor and camping lover, Hein loves going out hunting, camping and playing golf. “As long as it includes time with my wife, our three boys and our newly added daughter-in-law,” he smiles.

Get in touch:

Jaguar Landrover Bloemfontein

Tel. 051 403 4200

Franco Colangelo: Marketing Manager

This LLB graduate carries close to his heart the lessons learned from his father when he was a child and uses them as stepping stones to building a successful life. These lessons taught him to think about every situation in a mature and reasonable manner.

Franco is responsible for marketing and creating strategies to capture the target market of Jaguar Landrover in the Free State and other regions. He explains that the best part of his job is the ever-changing strategies, digital marketing, and capturing the audience while promoting the brand.

His passion for the Jaguar Landrover brand keeps him up to date with what is trending in their industry and helps him to stay ahead with a proactive strategy.

Franco is inspired by various people in the different sections of his life but one person who stands out to him, is his father, whom he says has exceptional work ethics. Then there is also Elon Musk, who inspires him to be the best version of himself every day. He gets through the diffi cult days by not forgetting to look at the bigger picture.

This family-oriented marketing guru fondly remembers the birth of his daughter and has marked it as one of the life changing events to date. “It has changed my perspective on many things in life, such as love and responsibility and it has ultimately changed many of my characteristics.”

When asked what the worst decisions was he has made thus far, he says he would not say that he has made a “worst” decision, but rather that he has made many mistakes, which also count as lessons learned. Franco’s hunger for knowledge combined with what he has learned thus far in the corporate world, is what keeps him on top of his game when it comes to the different marketing strategies applied by him in his role at Jaguar Landrover.

Get in touch:

051 403 4200

Wally Reynolds: New and Used Sales Manager

Wally, who has been part of the Jaguar Landrover family for years, manages the sales of new and used vehicles. His work entails ensuring that the whole process of buying a new or used vehicle runs smoothly. He is proud of the amazing team he gets to work with and says their passion for the brand is infectious.

Wally explains his love for the brand still grows daily, and every morning he still feels the burning passion he had on the very first day. One of the best decisions he has made, is relocating for his career as this has reaped many positive fruits.

“One of the decisions I regret is leaving the brand for six months in 2010. We have a phenomenal product and it is a premium brand. It is all about standing out from the rest.”

Wally has always been inspired by British writer and adventurist Bear Grylls, who was told after a parachuting accident that he would never be able to walk again, yet he proved everybody wrong. “It is his resilience, strength, making the best out of what he has and standing up after life had knocked him down, that stood out for me.”

Wally believes that there is power in thinking before you act. He closes his door and thinks about situations before he reacts as this gives him time to process what is really happening. He advises the younger generation to go follow a career they are passionate about – not just for the money, but giving it everything they have.

As sports and mountain-biking enthusiast, Wally fondly remembers the days when he played for provincial teams. He regards the discipline learned on the field as crucial contribution to his success today.

Get in touch:

051 403 4200

Abrie Frylinck: Service Manager

Abrie has had the best of both worlds growing up, as he had the privilege of both being raised on a farm as well as in the city. This taught him valuable lessons on how to be a perfect gentleman and a well-rounded individual.

This motor industry guru says he draws his daily inspiration from God, as he tries every day to live according to the Word. “I try to be a better person every day and I know that I am not alone when life becomes difficult. He will always be there to renew my strength.”

He thrives under pressure and lives his life on the motto “when the going gets tough, the tough gets going”. “I believe that one has to enjoy the good times and the bad times, and make the most of what has been placed on your path.”

A satisfying day at work to Abrie is when he can make a difficult customer happy and ensures that the customer walks away feeling valued. When not at work, he enjoys the finer things in life, such as fishing, golfing and spending time with his family. “Your family is the support that will never fail you and they will always be there regardless of what season you are facing in your life.”

Abrie explains that his life has been nothing but a breeze as he married the right wife and managed to have good family relationships. This is very important to him. “It means everything to me that I can support my family on a daily basis by coming to work.”

He is convinced that the Jaguar Landrover brand speaks for itself in terms of quality and technology, as well as how the brand looks into the future and what they still want to achieve. His loyalty to the brand is evidence of his belief that not many brands can compare.

Get in touch:

Tel: 051 403 4200

Text by Sazly Hartzenberg

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