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COVER SEARCH 2023: Meet our eight finalists

We’ve searched for finalists and we found eight for the Get It Cover Search 2022, made beautiful by Kryolan Free State.

The wait is finally over and we are delighted to introduce the diverse group of Bloemfontein women who encapsulate female beauty, strength, and resilience – and above all – who have a heart for their community.

Here they are…

Sarah Sease

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Sarah, who is a loving wife and mother, believes that you should do what you’re good at and use what you have.

She has been serving at CRC’s children’s church for fourteen years and that inspired her to venture her career into working with children.

She studied marketing and is the founder of Papadi Park, an educational and entertaining puppet show.If she is not taking relaxing walks in nature, she offers free puppet shows at oncology wards to cheer children up while explaining some of their illnesses.

Wendy Linda

Born and bred in Bloemfontein, Wendy Linda was a real estate agent for six years before venturing into property development and investment.

Her company specialises solely in environmentally friendly buildings as she aims to protect the environment while providing shelter.

She enjoys exploring South Africa and trying out new dishes with her four-year old son.

Wendy founded the Wendy Linda foundation that aims to provide underprivileged school children with reading glasses and has now officially signed up with the Obama foundation.

Micaela Olivier

Micaela, a receptionist at Oakwood Lodge, is a creative at heart who loves doodling and working with people.

She enjoys making custom jewellery from scratch for her friends and family and is currently studying agriculture, specialising in small-scale sheep farming.

Micaela believes that she can make a bigger difference in the community alongside her role model and father through food security projects.

Jonica Oosthuizen

Jonica is an adrenaline junkie and legal advisor at GWK. She has a passion for agriculture and has been loving it from a young age. Jonica, who is considerate of others, booked her wedding around the schedule of the photographer and believes that all women are special in their own way and that no one is above the other. She believes making time for loved ones is quite crucial because time is never enough and that’s why whenever she has free time, she enjoys spending it with her loved ones.

Boitumelo Molongoana

Boitumelo is a seasoned pharmacist who currently heads Pharmaceutical Services at the Free State Department of Health. She is also the CEO of the Medical Depot and serves as the Vice President of the South African Pharmacy Council. Boitumelo enjoys spending time outdoors and is an active member of the Maoto Mpepe Hiking Club where she contributes to community initiatives. She prides herself on being a dedicated mother to her three children, considering it her most significant achievement beyond her career.

Elani van Coller

Elani, a dedicated lawyer at PH Attorneys, entered the legal field with a passion for advocating on behalf of those who lack a voice. In her free time, she manages her own clothing brand, the Uncommon Gem Collection, which allows her to express her creativity and empower women with affordable fashion. Elani is a devoted pet parent to four dogs and cherishes moments with her family. She is a strong advocate for paying it forward whenever the opportunity arises.

Liansa Griessel

Liansa is a teacher by profession and has been teaching at Brebner High School for the past 13 year years. She says that she went into this profession because she loves helping people and children. Liansa describes herself as a people’s person and can always be found among the people at church and at school. In her free time, she loves spending time with her husband and her children who are her absolute everything. She enjoys being on a netball court or playing Badminton to reconnect with herself.

Leané Snyman

Leané is the owner of Boomrits Adventures, which she describes as an outdoor family park. She opened this specific park because of her passion for children and their development. When she is not at Boomrits, she can be found at a mall doing what most ladies enjoy the most: “Shopping”. Leané enjoys having people around and to assist in building others’ self-confidence.

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