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7 common causes for dry skin and how to fix it

Dry, itchy and flaky skin can be a real irritation, especially if no amount of moisturiser seems to beat the problem. Often, the cause of dry skin is not so easy to fix from the outside, as optimal hydration originates internally. 

Here are seven common reasons for dry skin: 

  1. You’re born with it: If you suffer from dry skin you might be genetically predisposed to having an underactive sebaceous gland. This means that your skin lacks the oil it needs to retain moisture and to build a protective barrier against the environment.
  2. Nature’s course: As you age, your barrier function is weakened, leading to a loss of moisture.
  3. The pills: Some medications may lead to dryness in the skin, both on the face and body.
  4. Your lifestyle: Daily choices affect your skin health. As an example, the overindulgence in alcohol can lead to a dehydrated skin
  5. Too much sun: As the skin is damaged by UV exposure, it can thicken and become dry.
  6. Exposure to harsh ingredients: Some chemicals remove the natural oils from the skin, causing it to become very dry.
  7. Over-doing your skincare routine: Over cleansing can strip the top layer of skin and remove natural oils. Over exfoliation can leave the skin compromised and exposed to dryness. 

Try these two tips to give your skin a moisture boost: 

  • Replenish the skin’s natural vitamin A levels. Research in the field of vitamin A has proven that a deficiency in this vital nutrient is directly linked to a compromised skin barrier function and loss of essential hydration as well as moisture. Try integrating a product like the Environ Ionzyme C-Quence Serum into your daily routine to deliver a suitable dose of vitamins A, C and E to the skin.
  • Invest in a good moisturiser. Our fave: the Environ Super Moisturiser which is clinically proven after 30 days to support the skin barrier function and retention of moisture substantiated with a 14% decrease in trans-epidermal water loss, with continued use.

For more skin tips, visit Environ Skin Care.

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