A single malt with a twist

Triple distilled and matured solely in American bourbon casks, it’s all  sweet notes of vanilla and caramelized sugar, and a tiny bit of spiciness.


This month we’re drinking Auchentoshan whisky (pronounced ‘OK-Ken-TO-Shan), a single malt with a twist. Boasting that it’s the perfect easy-drinking Scotch for novice drinkers while complex enough for seasoned fans, you can enjoy it on the rocks, but a preferred mixed as a ‘hauf an’ a hauf’ (a whisky and ale), which is an old Scottish favourite. The spirit’s sweet aroma of citrus zest and bold nuttiness pairs perfectly with the crispness of chilled beer. Try this Auchentoshan & Ale … we love it.

Mix 35ml American Oak with 25 ml honey and 25ml fresh lemon juice. Add an Ale with citrus notes and garnish with a lemon wedge.  You’ll find Auchentoshan at good bottlestores for around R349 for the American Oak, and R429 for the 12 year old. Details: www.auchentoshan.com


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