Beauty and Grace


Catching up with Bev Courtney from Grace Skin and Wellness

You might recognize Bev Courtney’s gorgeous face – we profiled her a few years ago for her landscaping business, Grace’s Glory Garden Renovation. Her talent for enhancing natural beauty was redirected to the salon industry in 2017, revamping an existing salon and breathing new life into the space. Grace Skin and Wellness has thrived in the past two years, so much so that an expansion into the hair industry was possible. Meet Money to Blow, the final piece of the puzzle to make the Grace-space a one-stop beautifying shop to meet every single one of your aesthetic needs.

‘I love creating beauty and seeing confidence bloom in women after spending some time with us,’ Courtney says. A quick glance through the Facebook reviews of Grace Skin and Wellness tells you all you need to know: a flawless five-star rating and countless women gushing over not only how incredible the treatments are but how welcoming the atmosphere is. We’ve just joined their ranks – it’s hard not to, after spending a morning with the team. Clients become family in this haven nestled in Benmore Gardens where your treatments take place in tucked-away rooms and converted Wendy houses decorated with peonies, roses and gorgeous green foliage. It’s easy to forget you were sitting in Sandton traffic just a few minutes ago.

While at first this may seem like just another salon, you need to look closer. Yes, there’s an incredible array of options for waxes, manicures and pedicures, a plethora of facials and peels to choose from and some magical massage offerings, but there’s so much more available. Lash lifts and extensions complement the microblading on offer. ‘Vampire facials’, as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) facials have been nicknamed, are readily available, with a dedicated on-site nurse as an assistant to your aesthetician. Plasma lifting treatments offer surgery-free anti-ageing options, while the V-facial and O-shot focus on sexual rejuvenation. ‘It’s an equally important but often neglected aspect of women’s wellness,’ Courtney explains. ‘It’s been incredibly popular, as is the cellulite cupping which delivers amazing results. It’s definitely an ideal summer treatment.’

Last but certainly not least, the salon has welcomed on board a qualified doctor specialising in aesthetic treatments. Dr Matheo de Villiers has solutions for anyone looking for aesthetic enhancement and more ‘invasive’ anti-ageing measures, such as Botox, fillers, peptide treatments and more. He takes PRP treatment to the next level, describing the process as being beneficial due to its multi-faceted use. ‘One can treat hair loss and ageing skin, joint and tendon injuries, erectile dysfunction and painful intercourse in women, and it’s quick, minimally invasive, practically painless and leads to amazing results. What’s not to love?’
With so many options, it’s easy to get lost in the choices available. We took the guesswork out of the equation by creating some combinations for our readers. These are just some of the treatments available at Grace Skin and Wellness and Money to Blow.

Elegant events

Been invited to a special occasion?
• Dermaplaning. A scalpel is applied gently to the face, removing all vellus/peach-fuzz hair and performing a light exfoliation of the uppermost layer of skin, resulting in better product absorption for facials and make-up that glides on as if you’re a baby dolphin. From R580.
• Make-up. Get a full face make-up with @_allynicole_ or opt for a make-up lesson with her so you can DIY your make-up next time! From R750.
• Hair treatment and blow-dry. Choose from a range of planet-friendly products and have your hair styled by the pros. Be inventive by taking inspirational pictures with you for a gorgeous up-style. If you’re not pushed for time, why not opt for a trim and some highlights? New braids? A weave wash? The stylists can do it all.

December do-over

Go for glam these holidays!
• LCN nails. LCN is a gel paint cured under UV lights that is flexible, durable and doesn’t contain any of the usual damaging chemicals.
• Lash extensions or lash lift. Choose between volume or classic lashes and enjoy a ‘lash nap’ while they’re applied. Who needs eye make-up? Not you!
• Cellulite cupping. Lillian Terry cupping therapy is applied to minimise the appearance of cellulite this summer. From R345.

Anti-ageing booster

If you want your outside to match the age you feel inside…
• Facial and peel. Based on your skin’s needs, choose from Nimue, Lamelle and Academie. If you’re at a loss, it’s okay – your aesthetician will recommend the best fit for your skin.
• PRP facial. Platelet-rich plasma facials involve the extraction of a small amount of your blood which is processed so the ‘good stuff’ can be microneedled into your skin, stimulating the production of collagen which, in time, creates that ‘younger look’. SQ.
• Plasma treatment. Fibroblast skin tightening uses an incredibly accurate pen which creates a plasma charge to reduce the volume of excess skin. This small electrical arc shrinks the skin, resulting in visible anti-ageing results without surgery and with minimal downtime. From R1800.
For all your beauty needs, follow @graceskinandwellness and and keep an eye out for the monthly specials.