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We’ve found a new fave in trendy Melville

Let’s give you our suggestions. As you get to your table at The Whippet in Melville – before you even take your seat – order a hibiscus royale. It’s a delicious cocktail that’s as pretty as a picture with hibiscus syrup and flower, topped with sparkling wine. After a few refreshing sips, place your order for the steak rosti – it’s a crispy, herb-loaded potato rosti, topped with slices of sirloin steak and a mustard créme fraiche. Best. Lunch. Ever! If you’re there for breakfast, you might opt for the bloedlemoen mimosa with gin, sparkling wine and grapefruit juice (so it’s healthy). Follow that with the breakfast risotto – think mushrooms, bacon and Parmesan topped with a soft-poached egg. Our suggestions aside, we’re quite sure that anything you choose to order at this fabulous spot will please. We’ve oohed over the teriyaki chicken bowl and aahed over the lemon meringue shake. The juicy beef hamburger croquette sandwich got rave reviews and the zucchini fries are out of this world. Whatever you do, on your way out, pick up something scrumptious to take home –  korrelkonfyt, grapefruit gin salt or a lovely lemon cordial. Yum! This is definitely our new fave spot! Find it on the corner of 4th and 7th avenues in Melville. Details: 061-512-1373.

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