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A brilliant revealing read

Getting zapped takes on a whole new meaning when the zapper is Zapiro, indubitably one of the world’s top cartoonists. His razor-sharp pen spears anyone daft enough to put their political foot in it – his only problem must be picking his target among the scores available each week. Nobody is safe … other folk now also wear the shower head that adorn’s Zuma’s cartoon noggin (courtesy JZ’s belief that a shower is sufficient protection against Aids). The world’s greatest twitwit, Donald Trump, now wears one, along with Mkhwebane, South Africa’s current public protector.  Which Side is Up, Zapiro’s latest collection of cartoons from the Daily Maverick, is brilliant –  and a scary warning to all South Africans. PS: The cover alone is well worth the price!  Jacana, R185.

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