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What’s the colour of your personality?

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Did you know your favourite colour has a deeper meaning than just you being fond of it? In fact, it can describe your personality better than you think. It reflects who you are, your strengths, your weaknesses and how you can influence others.

Why? Each colour symbolises a characteristic about you, and here, you can find out the meaning of colours. It might convince you to change your favourite colour or it could reassure you to believe even stronger in your favourite colour. Let’s find out which colour defines you best…

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Purple – You are a perfectionist, you help others in need, you require emotional security in life, you observe things that are unnoticed by others, you’ve never cared about fitting in and you are creative and innovative.

Black – You don’t share things well with others, you maintain self-control easily and control most situations, it is important to you to focus on the details and getting things right. You are strong-willed and stubborn.

White – You are independent and organised, but when things don’t go as planned, you don’t deal well with disappointment, you have a refined taste, you are a sincere and balanced individual, you will rather rely on yourself than lean on others.

Grey – You are a reliable person, you seek composure and peace, you’re comfortable in being a peacemaker, you mind your own business and manners are important to you.

Red – You are always aware of what is going on around you, you are outgoing, you move on quickly and don’t hold grudges, you are all about the next adventure, you are a born leader, you are energetic, creative and sometimes selfish.

Pink – You just want to be accepted for who you are, you enjoy embracing the fun that life has to offer, you are compassionate, unconditional love is all you want in life, you have a romantic and sensitive soul, sometimes you can be too trusting and impractical.

Orange – You love to socialise and be with people, the party is where you are, you are a problem solver at heart, you don’t fold under pressure or cave in to panic no matter what live throws at you, you are innovative and always want to try something new.

Blue – You are a loyal friend and lead a sober life, you always make an effort to think of others and their needs, you have conservative convictions and you are sensitive to the feelings of others, you have a romantic soul and are reliable and trustworthy.

Green – You are loyal, your reputation is a very important part of your life, you dislike chaos, you strive for balance and consistency, you prioritise quickly and time management is your strength.

Yellow – You are shy, you enjoy sharing your knowledge with others, you have a reputation of leaping before you look, you long to be respected and want admiration for your wisdom, you are a natural, purposeful and energetic person.

Brown – You are a great friend, you are dependable and steady, you relate to simplicity, you have high standards for excellence, you do things right or not at all, family comes first.

Your favourite colour reflects who you are, your strengths, your weaknesses and how you can influence others. Photo: Supplied

Which colour of flowers do you need to buy?

Do you ever feel like buying someone flowers but just don’t know what colour the flowers should be? Did you know that each colour of flowers has a meaning? You don’t want to be embarrassed and buy your colleague or friend the wrong colour of flowers which will send the wrong message to them. This might make a few things awkward at work or within the friend zone.

Here is a list of what the colour of flowers mean and suggestions of which type of flowers you can buy next time when you want to express your feelings to someone through flowers.

Colour of flower

Meaning of the colour

Type of flowers that you can buy

BlueTranquillity, Peace, Relaxation, Openness, SerenityHydrangeas, Cornflowers
GreenRebirth, Renewal, Good health, Good Fortune, YouthfulnessGreen Cymbidium Orchid, Anthurium
LavenderGrace, Elegance, Youth, RefinementDaisies, Orchids, Petunias
OrangeExcitement, Enthusiasm, Warmth, HappinessLilies, Tulips, Marigolds, Zinnias
PinkLove, Happiness, Gentleness, Femininity, GraceRoses, Lilies, Carnations, Azaleas
PurpleSuccess, Royalty, Admiration, Tradition, Dignity, PrideIris, Clematis
RedLove, Passion, Respect, Desire, Courage, StrengthRoses, Tulips, Geraniums, Poppies
WhitePurity, Innocence, Sympathy, Humility, BeautyOrchids, Daisies, Carnations, Roses
YellowHappiness, Joy, Friendship, Light-heartednessSunflowers, Daisies, Tulips, Lilies, Roses


So there you have it … now you’re equipped to buy the right colour of flowers for the right occasion (and you don’t have to worry about sending a message that you didn’t intend to).

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