Home People On the couch with Nicole Bessick: Five fab Netflix suggestions

On the couch with Nicole Bessick: Five fab Netflix suggestions

Nicole Bessick is no stranger to the entertainment industry, having already made an impressive impact on our television screens for the past few years.

This actress and celebrity boxing champion has a list of accolades that would make any ‘over achiever’ jealous.

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South African audiences will know her best for her work as Chloe on the hit ETV telenovela, Broken Vows as well as her role as Xenia Samuels on Binnelanders.

So, we turned to Nicole for some ‘Netflix and chill’ suggestions during the lockdown… And she made sure there’s something for everyone, from the lovebirds to the singles; the brave hearts to the adventurous!

Suggestion 1: For couples – Irreplaceable You

Warning! This one’s a tearjerker! If you’re looking for a different, bittersweet love story, this flick is filled with heartfelt reflections on true love and hard-hitting lessons on making the best of the time you have. Childhood sweethearts Abbie and Sam get engaged. What they thought were early signs of pregnancy turn out to be stage four cancer. Abbie copes by searching for a new love for Sam, but this only pushes him away in the little time they have together. Grab a blanket, your boo and a box of tissues.

Suggestion 2: For singletons – Too Hot to Handle

This show turns everything you think you know about dating and why you’re single on its head! A group of 10 hot singles are put to the ultimate test: No hooking up or sexual activity of any kind for the duration of their stay in a tropical island villa! For every infraction of the rules, the show’s $100 000 prize money goes down! It’s part dating show, part self-improvement retreat, and is SO binge-worthy.

Suggestion 3: For the adventurous: Tiger King

My jaw was on the floor the entire time I watched this one. It’s so bizarre that it’s hard to believe it’s all true. The show follows the life of man best known by his stage name, Joe Exotic, and his zoo for exotic, wild cats … and all the polygamy, arson and murder in between! I also love the pace of the show, the fact that the directors do minimal foreshadowing and that the visual cues are very subtle – it makes the plot twists much more impactful!

Suggestion 4: For brave hearts – The Devil Next Door, Unbelievable, The Intruder, The Trials of Gabriel Hernandez, The Mind of Aaron Hernandez and Unorthodox

I can’t pick one! They’re all pretty riveting. I’m a sucker for suspense movies and series: The action, suspense anxiety, drama makes it tough to turn away from them. They have complex story lines so, as a viewer, you are always guessing as to what is going to happen next. They also almost always have plot twists or endings that you didn’t see coming!

Suggestion 5: For those needing a pick-me-up – Cheer

Cheer takes viewers inside the world of competitive cheerleading as a junior college in Texas prepares to uphold their title at a national championship. This one is a must-see! The level of athleticism is insane, the trials and tribulations the team face, both on and off the mat, will have you laughing, crying and all kinds of nostalgic. Prepare to shamelessly and wholeheartedly scream at your TV like a proud Stage Mom!

Get that popcorn, and enjoy!

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