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Pause … and enjoy all the peacefulness Jackson’s offers

Jackson’s Eatery in Bryanston provides much-needed breathing room in an urban environment.

It’s early on a Sunday morning in Spring and the wooden deck of Jackson’s eatery is already surprisingly busy. Runners getting their post-workout kick chat over a well-deserved coffee. Families enjoy the chance to have a chat over breakfast. Even the odd well-behaved pooch lazes about, hoping for a treat from their owner’s plate. The yoga class on the rooftop is just finishing off … soon there will be even more people enjoying the laid-back, almost bucolic atmosphere. Looking about, you wouldn’t say the busy N1 highway is just a few minutes’ drive away. You would absolutely be forgiven for thinking we were somewhere out in the country. The overall feeling is one of space to breathe and to connect.

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Creating a place to pause, for people to take some time out from their busy, stressed lives goes hand-in-hand with the philosophy of Jackson’s – contributing to people’s vitality and mood by providing good, healthy food for them to eat. In our fast-paced lives, we already suffer from so much decision fatigue. Often, we have the best intentions, but when it comes to deciphering ingredient lists to try and figure out what the best choice is for our own or our family’s health, who has the time, really? And even if you did, wouldn’t you rather be spending that time with family, with friends or on self-care?

That’s where Jackson’s comes in. They take the guesswork out of what you put in your body. When you eat there, you can rest assured that you’re getting fresh, nutrient-dense food. You get to take the time to sit in a beautiful, restful space and just enjoy food that’s so good for you … and it tastes great too!

The Jackson’s menu caters for a range of food lifestyles like banting, keto, vegan and vegetarian. If you prefer a filling farm-style breakfast, they’ve got you covered too. The menu is based mainly on what’s fresh in their market, but also closely follows trends in Australia, Russia and pockets of the USA that are cutting edge when it comes to nutrient-dense cooking.

Overall, Jackson’s is a really nice outing for anyone, whether you need a time-out from your schedule, or just want to spend some time with loved ones, all while enjoying great-tasting, healthy food, and a stunning tree-filled view of the area. Pop over to the market and take some goodies home with you as you enjoy browsing the space.

Pop into Jackson’s Eatery Bryanston at 300 Bryanston Drive. There’s also Jackson’s Real Food Market & Eatery in the upper level of Kyalami Corner shopping centre.

Details: 011 463 1598 or jacksonsrealfoodmarket.co.za 

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