A month of adrenalin-filled reads…


Oh … we do love a Stephen Leather thriller. And if we put aside the fact that it centres around billionaire and big game hunter Jon van der Sandt (the book opens with him killing a massive bull elephant in Botswana), this is one hell of a read. Van der Sandt is seeking revenge – while he’s shooting big game, his family is holidaying at a luxury beach resort, where they’re killed by jihadist terrorists. Van der Sandt wants vengeance, and he’s rich enough to arrange it. He sends in a team of skilled ex-soldiers to bring the terrorists to him … but in a case of mistaken identity, British doctor Raj Patel is taken hostage too. He’s in war-torn Syria to treat the injured, and is only in the terrorist camp to help some men who were hurt in an accidental explosion. Fortunately, the doctor was trained as a soldier, and Van der Sandt gets more than he bargained for when he kicks off his revenge hunting spree.

Allie Reynolds is a former freestyle snowboarder, who spent five winters racing down the mountains of France, Switzerland, Austria, and Canada. She’s taken her love of snowboarding and made it the focus of her exciting debut novel, Shiver. A dangerous natural environment, hugely competitive people, mind games and sabotage make for a thrilling sport … and read. Five friends – all ex competitors, who haven’t seen each other for a decade – meet for an out-of-season reunion in a French Alps resort. But an ice-breaking game reveals they don’t really know who arranged the reunion, or why. Things turn menacing really quickly … and it appears all have secrets they’d rather not share from their time as competitors.

Including one involving murder. Loads of snowboard jargon, plenty of suspense.


Another fave (this is turning out to be a smashingly good month for us) … Gregg Hurwitz, and his hero character Evan Smoak, aka Orphan X. Evan’s a foster home child, trained off-the-books as a government assassin. He’s been forced into retirement but then gets a urgent plea from someone unexpected. His mother needs help protecting a man who’s in the wrong place at the wrong time. Running from an assassination team, he has no safe place to hide. Evan, it appears, is his only hope. That’s until the secret group catches on to what Evan is doing … and now Evan’s life is on the line, too. Prodigal Son is another gripping thriller you can. not. put. down.

A missing bride. A blood-splattered wedding dress. A guest list of A-list celebrities. And a TV crew documenting every extravagant detail. Bring in the NYPD’s top team. James Patterson and Marshall Karp’s NYPD Red 6 – the sixth book in the series – sees a bride kidnapped from her dressing room. Fortunately, Detective Kylie MacDonald and her plus-one, Detective Zach Jordan, are guests, so they’re right there in the thick of all the drama. It’s all smart, fast writing with loads of twists and turns – exactly what keeps Patterson fans returning again and again, making sure he stays on the best-selling lists worldwide.