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Wow, wedding planning can be a breeze

Talk about a dream team! Susan Greig has teamed up with her lifelong friend, Catherine Joyner, to form Weddings with Wow – WWW – for curated weddings at the magnificent Beechwood Gardens, four acres of botanical beauty in the heart of Hyde Park.

Covid-19 has necessitated that couples have a smaller budget and guest list, but that shouldn’t come at the cost of losing the ‘vision’ of your dream wedding. Catherine and Susan welcome weddings of all budgets, bringing their style, skill and creativity to the table.

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Susan describes it as being able to create a ‘champagne look on a beer budget’, thanks, in part, to the beautiful decor props the pair has accumulated over the years. ‘The theme, colour palette, food, decor, lighting and ceremony are all brainstormed with the couple,’ Susan says.

‘Then we use our years of experience to transform the vision into reality with a seamless ceremony and wedding party.’ And it’s easy to do in the Beechwood Gardens – the decor practically takes care of itself.

‘A tranquil, magical garden setting with rustling leaves, swaying blooms, birdsong, buzzing bees and fluttering butterflies creates a perfect backdrop. There’s no need to travel elsewhere for flawless wedding photos.’

Intimate weddings are also proving to be popular even when the option of a larger guest list is there. ‘Every bridal party has commented that the intimacy of a small wedding made their day special, rather than a large gathering where the bride and groom seldom get to chat with all of their guests.

‘Love, intimacy and loyalty to close friends and family take precedence over flashy, “show-off” parties.’

From a Covid-19 safety perspective, there’s an advantage in garden weddings. ‘Fresh air lessens infection risks and temperate Johannesburg weather makes outdoor weddings popular.’

Beechwood does come with some restrictions though. ‘No loud music is allowed as it’s a residential suburb so it’s a quiet, birdsong wedding. Our clients love the option of a tranquil wedding day and connecting with their guests.’

That said, the duo is more than happy to do venues other than Beechwood. Susan’s catering service can be set up anywhere and the team is also willing to travel, having just wrapped up two beautiful parties in Cape Town with Clifton Beach as the backdrop.

Details: Find the dynamic duo on Instagram: @weddings_with_wow




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