How to Romance during a Pandemic…


The COVID19 Pandemic has come with many trials and tribulations, making it extremely difficult to do many things. When was the last time we freely had a night out without worrying about a curfew or even just giving someone a much-needed hug? The pandemic has also made romance and dating a bit difficult e.g. not meeting our special someone in person due to restrictions.

Closeup has tips on how you can still romance during the pandemic, by adapting to the new normal and keeping safe at the same time.

Get Creative with Dates

It is important that you stay home as much as possible, to lower your chances of contracting the Coronavirus, but what does that mean for dates with a loved one? Do not worry, those romantic dates can still occur; they just have to be a bit different. Here are some creative ideas for dates with a romantic partner during the pandemic:

  1. Watch a Netflix movie from each other’s homes – This way you will not have to leave the house but still have a cosy movie night with your partner.
  2. Play a video game together – Have some competitive fun whilst staying safe!
  3. Attend virtual shows or seminars – Get tickets to a live comedy show or seminar and have a good laugh and learn something too!

If you do happen to go out with your partner, make sure you have a date in a large outdoor space. This way, you and your loved one can social distance together.

Virtual Conversations

It is important in any relationship to communicate and the pandemic has made it difficult to see your loved one face-to-face and talk. So why not have a virtual conversation and stay safe? Before bed, brush your teeth with Close Up toothpaste for long lasting fresh breath, jump into bed and have a virtual conversation with your loved one, whether it’s through video chat or phone call.

Safety Comes First

Date night is essential in any relationship and should happen at least once or twice a month. Living in the new normal, make sure that your date nights with a loved one are safe. Visit large outdoor spaces where you can socially distance, like a night picnic. Go to a restaurant where you know the seating arrangement is well-spaced out, avoiding contact with other people. Sanitise your hands, put on your mask and don’t forget to use Close up mouthwash for fresh breath, before leaving the house!

Spend Time at Home Together

The best way to romance during the pandemic is for you and your partner to stay home and spend some time together. Spending time together at home can guarantee that you will be safe and lower your chances of catching the virus. Have a picnic in the backyard, stargaze at night, do arts and crafts together, cook together or have a pyjama party and do so in the comfort of your own home, safe and sound!