Zinhle Matthews has written a children’s book with a positive punch


Chartered accountant and mum, Zinhle Matthews has penned an endearing children’s book to inspire youngsters. The beautifully illustrated pages are packed with positive phrases to help kids realise their potential.

Zinhle Matthews has made it her personal mission to improve the world with the power of positive thinking – and changing the world starts small … with our children.

This Midrand mum decided to walk the talk by writing a children’s book, complete with beautiful illustrations, titled My Family of Superheroes. The book, available on Amazon as well as Ethnikids, Xarra Books and Book Circle Capital, shows how positive thinking is the tool that can empower us and help us overcome challenges in our daily lives. All we need to do is harness our full potential and inner strength – which is exactly what Zinhle did when it came to writing the book in the first place.

‘I had a feeling for a while that I was not living in the fullness of my potential,’ Zinhle says.

‘In 2019, I decided to do something about it. I started a journey of self-discovery and in an attempt to align myself with my purpose, I started feeding my mind with teachings of purpose. This book was conceived from that journey. Initially, I wrote short summaries from the teachings I learnt and then started sharing them with friends and family. I received great feedback and my writing journey began. Positive affirmations and mindfulness create our world and so I knew that this had to be the lesson I pass on to our children as I had already passed it on to adults. I still share with adults on Transformation Monday sessions which are hosted on the book’s social media page: @myfamilyofsuperheroes.’

It is clear that children’s well-being rests at the heart of the book. ‘Every child, irrespective of gender or race, will find themselves in situations that test their self-confidence and courage.

‘Wouldn’t it be amazing if they had a lifelong tool to use in these circumstances? A potent mantra which could lift them above self-doubt and fear into a position of power, well-equipped to take on the world – and win!’

The book’s title – My Family of Superheroes – was developed with MYeBook who assisted Zinhle in compiling the book. ‘The title of the book was really chosen by the story because that was the last picture in the book. It is the family standing together in their superhero outfits. When you get to the end of the story you will understand why the title was fit for the book.’

Zinhle has her own family of superheroes. ‘I have two children. My son is five and my daughter is three. I love playing soccer with my son and singing and dancing with my daughter. We love story time before they go to bed as well. The books I expose them to are books that will inspire them and build up their self-confidence. That’s why I absolutely love children’s books. The lovely thing about such books is that they remind me of life principles, which my book certainly does as well.’

And, as Zinhle demonstrates, pursuing a passion project isn’t about having the luxury of time but rather making time for what matters. She is a chartered accountant, mum and author – and each role requires significant time. ‘Each day I wake up, do my morning devotions, exercise and get my kids ready for school. I then start my 9–5 job, thereafter I fetch the kids from school. Only once they are fast asleep, my author life begins.’

She also has some exciting plans in the works. ‘I am planning on expanding the theme of positive affirmations. For example, the book has a soundtrack, like movies do. The song is based on the book. It’s really a declaration song as described by the title which is Ke Nale Matla (meaning “I am strong” or “I have power”). The song was written by my husband, Ntuthuko Matthews. The song features Mmatema Moremi (the Idols SA 2015 runner-up and now gospel singer) and Katlego Ntsele.

‘The song dropped on all digital platforms on June 4, 2021. We have also shot the video of the song which launched on June 16, 2021. We have made capes as well which have the positive affirmations from the book. I hope to do an animation of the book too.’

It’s clear that this book is just the first step for Zinhle – but what an inspiring first step to take!

Keep up with Zinhle on Insta (@zinhlematthews) and on Twitter (@ZinhleThola), and to find your nearest stockist for My Family of Superheroes, look for @myfamilyofsuperheroes on social media!

Zinhle’s five favourite positive thinking mantras for kids and adults alike:

  • I am strong
  • I am capable
  • I am enough
  • I am exceptional
  • I can do anything with the power inside of me