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Begin your health journey

Jackson’s Real Food Market is passionate about helping people on the road to self-discovery

It seems pretty much everything in life comes with a manual … except for humans! So, our mission is to find and connect with the resources that’ll assist us in writing our own manual and care for our bodies each day in the way they should be treated … whether through lifestyle, diet or the integrative practitioners we choose to journey with. Part of this exploration is to understand how our bodies function and are put together as unique entities. It’s a bio-individual approach – not a one-size-fits-all or cookie-cutter method!

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So, we’d like to challenge you to put away Google for a while, tune into yourself and your journey, and be willing to take the time and effort to start this self-discovery. You’re the author of your life. You’re unique. Your health venture is unique. And your body composition and responses are unique.

At Jackson’s Real Food Market, our greatest passion is to accompany you on this path – which we began in our own lives a few years ago. Along with that, we partner with suppliers, integrative practitioners and health coaches who’ve made this same decision and are actively walking the road of self-discovery every day!

A great place to start is to join us on one of our store tours where owner, Gary Jackson will share his story with you – with great passion – and introduce you to some incredible suppliers and products he’s found along the way. It’s an opportunity to ask questions, try out new products and meet people who are on the same course. All of us are actively on this quest … and we’d love to accompany you on yours. Write your manual – find out how you are put together uniquely. Be the best you!

Details: Email [email protected] to find out the dates of upcoming store tours and follow @Jacksons_Real_Food_Market on Instagram and Jackson’s Real Food Market and Eatery on Facebook. Also visit jacksonsrealfoodmarket.co.za

5 easy health tips to include in your day 

  1. Practise breathing, meditation or yoga.
  2. Add a probiotic to your daily intake and eat more fermented food like yoghurt, kraut, kimchi or kombucha.
  3. Eat more green leafy vegetables as they provide a good source of fibre and keep your gut clean and healthy.
  4. Break a sweat at least twice a week for 20 minutes at a time, even if it’s just a brisk walk or fast pedal on a bike.
  5. Stay off your devices for longer periods of time. Don’t do marathon sessions on your screens – this will help you to get better quality sleep.
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