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How to dress on trend without breaking the budget…

It’s time for bright hues, bold prints and trendy loungewear … so get your smartphone out and let the price-savvy wardrobe update begin!

Having access to a worldwide selection of stores and brands in the palm of your hand has taken retail therapy (and our spending habits) to the next level!

Roughly 22 million South Africans shopped online in 2020 – and this number is expected to grow to 32 million in 2024, according to Deloitte Digital’s 2021 Digital Commerce Acceleration report. Cyber shopping is here to stay, so stick with these clever tips from smartphone brand itel to keep your spending to a minimum while maxing out your inner fashionista.

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Start with the basics

Gender-neutral pieces are all the rage and we love them! They are easy, adaptable and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion and regardless of your gender.

Mix and match

This season is all about bold, loud and proud prints! Invest in a couple of eye-catching items to really spruce up your daily classics. Go for pieces that you will wear more than once and can pair with various outfits. An attention-demanding blouse with your favourite, jeans and sneakers or a cute, bright dress coupled with a subtle blazer are winning looks this season.

Double up on loungewear

Life in lockdown made loungewear a major trend and it is here to stay … with a twist. Fab colours, added volume and hot new styles mean you can now step out of the house in your loungewear! Double up on these items to feel fashionable and comfortable in and out of your home.

Set a budget … and stick to it

Get into the habit of setting shopping boundaries to avoid getting caught in a debt-spiralling spending frenzy. You only need a few key seasonal trend pieces for a fresh look.

Take advantage of deals

Look out for online-only specials from your favourite brand, discount codes in retail apps and make use of free delivery deals. End-of-season ranges and clearance sales are major money-savers too!

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