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Here’s how some of Mzansi’s celebs celebrate Christmas….

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and as the year winds down, many of us take a step back to both reflect on the year that has passed and to spend quality time with family and friends.

From opening presents under the tree to enjoying a scrumptious feast, everyone has their own way of celebrating Christmas. With just a few days to go until the big day, we asked some of Mzansi’s celebrities to share what they have planned for the festive season and share their holiday traditions.

Carol Ofori
I am going to be in Johannesburg this festive season because I have a little nephew on the way. I am excited to see my family and spend time with all of the people that I love. We have a beautiful family lunch planned and I am looking forward to being with my family since I now live in eThekwini. Every year, we wake up and open presents under the tree. My husband puts the tree up with my kids every December, and this year, we have a tree up in both Durban and Johannesburg. After that, we have a beautiful family prayer and be thankful for the life of Jesus Christ and then we head over to my sister’s house for a hearty lunch.

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Kriya Gangiah
My family doesn’t really celebrate Christmas in the traditional religious sense of the word but, at the end of the day, Christmas is a time where families and friends can come together so we still do a little lunch or dinner with loved ones. This year, we are doing something small at the house and, in all fairness, it’s a time where we can reflect on the year that was and look forward to the year ahead. When it comes to the traditions, Christmas is always paired with a nice glass of wine and we play a card game called Thunee, a card game similar to Bridge, but the Indian version. The more cheating the better!

Melinda Bam
Christmas is always a special time of year for us as a family. We have had many traditions over the years, but when Adriaan and I got married seven years ago, we’ve tried to create our own little traditions from setting up the Christmas tree, to hanging up our fairy lights or planning our Christmas dinner. But I think with the onset of Covid-19, people’s perspective around Christmas has changed slightly and there is less of an emphasis on the things around Christmas and more on the people that you spend Christmas with. This year, we plan on spending Christmas with our families and just having a blessed time together and reflecting on the past two years and recognising the privilege that it is to actually be able to sit around a table and have an exquisite meal together and still enjoy everyone’s company around us. There is still bound to be all the decorations and everything, but less of an emphasis on that and the gifts themselves because I think the pleasure of your family and loved one’s company is the greatest gift you can be given this Christmas anyway.

Donovan Goliath
This will undoubtedly be one of the best Christmases ever because my wife Davina and I will be taking our baby girl Sofia on a road trip to the Eastern Cape and Cape Town to meet her grandparents for the first time. That’s the greatest gift for us and the ultimate gift for them. Regarding our Christmas traditions, now that we’re a family of three, we look forward to carving out some new ones this year.

Daniel Baron
Every December, we take turns to split the holiday between my side of the family and my wife’s side of the family. This year, it’s my dad’s 50th so we will be with them for the first half of the holiday so we will be with them on the West Coast before we fly to the east coast to be with my wife’s family over Christmas. The festive season is all about family for both of us and Cruz, my son, is such a fan of the beach so we look forward to spending time on both sides of the coast. When it comes to Christmas traditions, we start the morning opening presents before we head out to church. After that, we love having a turkey on the braai and a big Christmas lunch. There are always lots of kids around, so someone in the family always dresses up as Santa and hands out presents to the kids who have the best time opening them.

DJ Sabby
I love Christmas and what it stands for but one thing I truly enjoy about the day is that love trends always. Family and those you love are the main people that matter on the day. We need such days to remind each other that we are not alone and if you don’t have a family you have an opportunity to spend time with those you value. I’m looking forward to doing just that. Spend time with my family, eat everything and drink everything. It’s all about just being happy the whole day. We shall talk about the weight in Jan. Haha!

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