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Your ultimate cup of coffee: It’s a matter of taste

With billions of coffee drinkers around the world it is safe to say that not everyone enjoys their coffee the same way, and that personal preference dictates which coffee they’re more likely to choose.

“As with everything in life, our personalities, taste choices and lifestyles are likely to determine which types and tastes of coffees we prefer drinking,” explains Matthew Dees, senior brand manager for Jacobs coffee. “Various elements can make one type of coffee taste different to another, including the type and roast of the coffee bean used, the amount (if any) of milk added, the addition of sugar or syrups and even the amount of water. All these elements play a role in determining how your coffee tastes.”

When it comes to coffee beans, the way the bean is roasted will provide different tastes:

  • Light roasted coffee beans have a soft and subtle taste with a light, slight acidic aftertaste. These can be enjoyed as a light espresso, or as a coffee that uses a lot of milk such as a latte.
  • Medium roasted coffee beans have a more intense flavour than light roasted beans and offer a light acidic taste with a subtle bitter aftertaste.
  • Dark roasted coffee beans have a powerful and intense flavour which gives way to different aromas. This type of bean will allow you to enjoy a rich and bitter coffee – perfect for an espresso. The darker the roast the more likely it will have a chocolatey taste.
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With only the finest quality beans used, the Jacobs Barista Editions slow roasted beans range offers two different blends, Crema (a light roasted bean) and Espresso (a dark roasted bean). These two blends have been slow roasted at a lower temperature for a longer time to ensure a great coffee flavour and, as with all Jacobs products, include the magical Jacobs aroma sealed in. Both blends have been crafted to create the perfect coffee experience, expected by coffee connoisseurs.

Another element that determines the result of your coffee is how these beans are used. There are different coffee choices that can be made at home. These include:

  • Espresso, a strong and concentrated coffee made by forcing hot water through finely ground coffee beans. It has a rich, full-bodied flavour, a slightly bitter taste and is typically served in a small 50ml cup. Espresso is perfect for those who enjoy a strong and intense coffee flavour.
  • Americano is a single or double shot of espresso that is diluted with hot water. It has a milder taste than espresso and higher volume. Americano is best suited for those who enjoy coffee with a slightly bitter taste, but with less intensity than espresso.
  • A latte is a coffee that is made with espresso and steamed milk, topped with a small amount of foam. Lattes are creamy and have a smooth, mellow flavour. They are perfect for people who enjoy a mild coffee flavour and a creamy texture.
  • Cappuccinos are made with equal parts of espresso, steamed with milk and foam resulting in a strong espresso flavour and a creamy texture. They are perfect for people who enjoy a strong coffee flavour but also appreciate the creaminess of milk.
  • Mocha is made with espresso, steamed milk, chocolate syrup or powder and can be topped with whipped cream. It has a sweet and chocolatey flavour making it perfect for people who enjoy a sweet and creamy coffee.
  • French press is made by steeping coffee grounds in hot water and pressing the plunger down to separate the grounds from the coffee. French press has a rich and full-bodied flavour making it perfect for people who enjoy a bold and flavourful coffee.

When it comes to enjoying your favourite coffee there is no need to venture further than your kitchen. With the right equipment and ingredients, your best-loved coffee can be enjoyed in your home at any time. Deciding on your preference can also include the amount of milk and sugar you need to add to enjoy your cup of coffee. Even the way in which you prepare it can make a difference – milk first or last. At home you are the barista… anything goes.

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