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Five factors to consider to avoid retirement village regret

Deciding on your retirement home is a big move that needs to be done with careful consideration, as chances are that you’ll be spending many years in the estate or village you choose. 

You are not only looking for a place that suits your current needs, but that will also be suitable for any possible, future needs you may develop with age, such as healthcare facilities. 

To help avoid retirement village regret down the line, we’ve asked retirement lifestyle estate Wytham Estate in Cape Town to share five unexpected, yet important factors to consider when deciding on your retirement home: 

Community: As people get older, it is almost inevitable that their social circles will shrink. To avoid the negative physical and mental health implications of isolation, it is important to check if the retirement living option they’re considering has measures in place to promote social interaction. Organised social events and/or clubs are key. 

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Service delivery: With load shedding a reality in South Africa and poor service delivery the norm in many municipalities, it’s preferable to opt for a retirement living option that has engaged private services, ensuring that these service interruptions do not affect daily life. Check if basic services such as private refuse removal and back-up power options are in place.

Pet-friendly: This is a deciding factor for many retirees, as a furry companion has many psychological benefits, and it is therefore key to ask if dogs or cats are allowed.  

On-site accommodations for visiting family and friends: With many South African retirees having children and grandchildren overseas, it is a major bonus to move into an estate or village that offers temporary accommodation to visiting family members in the form of on-site hotel rooms, for example.

Natural light throughout: The days of settling for a dark, dingy room in a retirement home are over. Natural light is vital for the elderly as it helps produce Vitamin D, improves circadian rhythms and sleep patterns and is proven to promote happiness.

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