Social interaction scores high at the Benoni Scrabble Club



Aboma-what? Is that even a word?

If you are reaching for the Oxford English Dictionary, or are about to consult with that know-it-all Google, let me save you the time and tell you that Abomasum is definitely a word. No, it’s not another YouTube singing sensation who will be forgotten in a week, nor is it another fad diet endorsed by celebrities no one has ever heard of. According to the definition in the dictionary, it is the fourth stomach of a ruminant.

Wow! Who says you don’t learn something new every day?

Now you are probably asking yourself, ‘where exactly does one come across a word of this nature?’ I mean, let’s be honest, you’re hardly going to find it on social media among acronyms such as LOL or ROFL.

And I can’t see the word coming up in casual conversation around the braai either. “Ja boet,” says Dave as he slaps a mammoth steak on the grid, “I wonder how much grass went through this animal’s abomasum.” Doesn’t quite fit the scene, does it? Not like a cold beer and discussions about politics and sports, anyway.

So, where do words like abomasum crop up regularly, like clues in a crossword puzzle? At the Benoni Scrabble Club, of course.

Established in mid-2010, by a group of like-minded individuals (or Scrabblers as they are fondly referred to), the club has 16 members at present and the doors are always open to players of all ages.

Every week the Scrabblers get together around one of the most popular board games ever, and they test their vocabulary, engage in some friendly banter and make new friends at the same time.

According to the chairperson, Vivienne Ridyard, the club supplies the Scrabble sets as well as dictionaries and help aids (joking known as cheat books). Players will also have the opportunity to meet Monty, the club’s camera shy mascot, and have a lovely cup of tea or coffee, served by Vivienne’s daughter, Lucy.

So if you are looking to test your wordsmith skills and expand your vocabulary (you never know when you might want to drop a word like abomasum into casual conversation), then join the Scrabblers for a few games and some fun competition.

The Benoni Scrabble Club meets every Monday afternoon, at 2pm, at Blue Forest (Van Rooyen Street, Morehill) and at 7pm on Thursday evening at a residence in Northmead.

For more information, contact Vivienne on 011 849 5508.

In the meantime, see if you know what these words mean:

  • Borborygmus
  • Bruxism
  • Coriaceous
  • Zetetic