Five sure signs you’re in love (with avocados)


Navigating this month of love can be overwhelming, which is why we’ve put together a handy guide to help you manage the complex emotions you might feel on discovering you have found true love.

You’re addicted

Love literally changes your brain, with heightened neural activity in dopamine-rich areas of the brain leaving you feeling euphoric and slightly obsessive. The addiction you feel for an actual person is nothing compared to what you feel when you have found the perfect avo.
That beautiful green skin, that velvety smooth texture, and that melt-in-your mouth creaminess and buttery flavour that gets your pulse racing. Now you know why the Aztecs claimed avos as aphrodisiacs.
You simply can’t imagine a meal without an avo, and must add an avo right now, chopped, sliced, diced or smashed, to cure this love sickness.

You celebrate their successes

It’s true, when the love bug bites, you don’t care if the object of your affection is better than you at something. You celebrate their wins with pride, even if you yourself have failed.
This is the same pride that wells up inside you when you walk into an esteemed eatery and find avocado on the menu. Not just a little saucy something on the side, but complete dishes prepared by professional chefs who too have been seduced by the virtues of the avo.

You miss them when you’re apart

How much you miss someone when they’re away from you is an actual indication of just how much you care for them, and how entwined your lives have become.
Having to live a few months of the year without your beloved avos, when local avos are not in season and therefore not as readily available, is absolute torture. Luckily from March to October you can eat South African avos to your heart’s desire.

You are a different person

When falling in love, your whole sense of self changes. You take on new characteristics and become a different person to the one you were before you fell in love.
Committing to a deep relationship with avos brings about subtle changes in your body. Aside from the blush of pleasure you feel every time you eat one, avos are a source of potassium, and their high monounsaturated fat content helps to reduce blood cholesterol levels and lower the risk for heart disease (when used to replace saturated and trans fats).

You get a little jealous

When hopelessly in love, a certain amount of jealousy can be healthy. Evolutionally speaking, jealously helps alert you to potential threats to the relationship.
When it comes to your relationship with avos, this will probably see you making a beeline for the salad at the family braai to steal the avo off the top before anyone else can take it, and other equally self-serving behaviour.
But rest assured, this is completely natural when you’re blinded by the love of avo. So go on, add an avo to your Valentine’s Day.

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