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Four Child-Proof Home Hacks You May Not Have Considered

Think back to when you were a carefree child. Chances are, you played outdoors for hours, exploring every corner of the garden – and maybe unchartered territories – with your siblings or friends.

In sharp contrast, today’s generation of children spends a lot of their time indoors, with their eyes firmly glued to phone, TV and computer screens. The current pandemic has only enhanced this new reality as public play areas have become no-go zones.

The health and safety of your little ones are more important than ever, and that means creating a safe home for them to live, learn and play in. Here are some household hazards to look out for and practical solutions to keep your precious creations out of harm’s way.

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Soften the blow

As kids become more mobile, they tend to run around the house with a complete disregard for bumping into objects and hurting themselves. Glass tables and doors, sharp counter edges and unsteady pieces of furniture are all things to consider if you have a busy-bee on your hands.

Place stickers on sliding glass doors for your child to easily identify when they’re closed (trust us on this one) and use tennis balls to soften dangerous edges. Carefully make a slit in each tennis ball and pop them over table and counter corners.

Improve air quality

Not only do babies and children breathe faster than adults, but they also breathe in more air, increasing their susceptibility to the harmful effects of air pollution. Therefore, protecting their developing, vulnerable lungs from harmful pollutants and allergy-causing bacteria is crucial.

The LG ArtCool has been designed with multiple air-enhancing features to safeguard your family. Its antibacterial air filter acts as the first line of defence, capturing and eliminating dust and bacteria micro-particles. Next, a powerful plasma ioniser sterilises not only the air that passes through the air conditioner but surrounding surfaces too.

A safer environment starts with fresh, clean air.

Keep the fridge shut

To keep your kiddies out of the fridge and avoid its sticky contents from being thrown on the kitchen floor, try this cost-effective hack. Stick a self-adhesive hook on your fridge and another one on the fridge door, placing a rubber band around them to prevent little ones from opening the door.

A similar trick can be used for cupboard doors – simply place rubber bands around doorknobs to keep inquisitive children from getting in.

Take the ‘roll’ out of toilet roll

The bathroom is another playground for curious toddlers, and toilet-paper rolls are innocent victims. To avoid a brand-new roll ending up in the toilet or reams of toilet paper being strewn across the floor, employ the ever-humble hair elastic.

Handy for more than just tying up your mane, you can place them around toilet rolls to prevent World War 3 from taking place in your bathroom.

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