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To kill or be killed …

In celebration of Women’s Month where the equality of women takes centre stage, the action-packed thriller about a female assassin, Ava is not-to-be-missed.

Ava (Jessica Chastain) is a deadly mercenary who works for a black ops organisation, travelling the globe and specialising in high profile hits. But her career takes a sudden, bad turn when a high profile job goes wrong due to faulty information provided to her. She is told to take a break until the heat blows over, but secretly, someone has ordered a hit on her to ensure nothing traces back to the company.

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With the recent death of her father, Ava decides to go back home to Boston and attempt to mend her relationship with her mother and sister, Judy, though the homecoming proves to be far from happy as the years of estrangement have created resentment. To complicate things further, Ava’s ex-fiancé, Michael is now in a relationship with Judy and involved with an underground gambling ring that Ava knows all too well from her younger days. Ava now has to save her family and herself from multiple threats, while battling her own demons.

Be part of the action at your nearest cinema from 28 August.

Watch the trailer here.

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