Five top tips to ensure your car is ready for a roadtrip


If you are planning a roadtrip over Easter, make sure your vehicle is ready for the journey.

Here are some top tips from Group 1 Renault The Glen:

Check fluids and tyre pressure

These are vital components of your car that could lead to issues when you are out on the road. Check these at least once a month (it doesn’t take long!) and especially before every long trip.

Check your battery

Check your battery regularly, and also ensure that there is no leakage or any mineral build
up around it. Never ignore a low battery sign and be careful not to leave lights on in your car when not in use, as this could run your battery down.

Clean your windshields and replace worn wipers

Accumulated dirt on your windscreen not only hampers visibility, but it can also cause damage to the glass. So, make sure you clean the windscreen regularly. Before your road adventure, be sure to check your wipers and get them replaced if needed.

Rotate & balance your tyres

This will prevent wearing of tyres and make them last longer. Tyres do not wear evenly – so by rotating the front and back tyres, you balance the wear and make them more durable. You should also check wheel alignment which can be done on request when you take your car for a service. We recommend taking your car in for at least a 25-point check before going on any long road trips.

Check your brakes

Check your brake fluid regularly. Any kind of noise when you break or if you notice you aren’t stopping as quickly as you should…investigate! Make sure you get those pads and
disks checked out.

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