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More than just a scrunchie

It’s not news that the scrunchie trend is back. And we love it! But there is a new accessory that’s not only useful in tying back your hair but that can protect your drink too. Drinkerbell is a scrunchie-cum-drink cover – here’s how it works…

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Wear your Drinkerbell scrunchie in your hair – or around your wrist (so trendy). When you’re out and having a (socially distanced) drink, simply pop open the press stud on the scrunchie and pull out the attached liquid-resistant drink cover and silicone straw. Then, feed the straw through the eyelet in the drink cover and stretch the scrunchie around the stem or base of the glass (it fits glasses of various sizes and styles). Place the drink cover over the rim of the glass and voila, your drink’s protected from spiking.

Bonus … it’s fashionable – they come in lovely patterns, colours and designs – and you’ll never mistake whose drink belongs to who again. R145.
Details: drinkerbell.co.za


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