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Every woman desires to be beautiful, good, strong and feminine enough …

Isn’t it each woman on earth’s desire? To be ‘enough’.

Beautiful enough, brave enough, strong enough, gentle enough, patient enough, successful enough, feminine enough… These characteristics are all achievable, but they are not the ‘enough’ that Corinne Badenhorst – an occupational therapist from Bloemfontein – talks about in her story journal for women.

The idea to publish the journal was born after watching Meryl Streep’s movie, Pay it Forward when she was just a girl.

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To ‘soar on the shoulders of sufficiency’ you have to realise that no matter what the world or your own thoughts say… knowing who you are, makes you ENOUGH!

Blinkers vir ‘n blomtuin is more than a story journal that inspires women to do some soul searching. It also raises questions about the thorns and glitter that accompany our everyday emotions and existence.

The words in the book are supported by watercolour sketches and a song called Blinkerboom – both by Anique Jordaan (a member of the duo Kaleidoskoop). These therapeutic aids help readers to visualize and hear what they are reading and respond to or meditate on it.

There are even elements from the book available in the form of jewellery – so that readers can be reminded of their meaning.

Corinne and Anique first met a few years ago, when Corinne asked Anique to comment on her children’s book, Blinkerboom. The book inspired Anique to write a song of the same name, but it was only completed in September 2020 and released digitally with Blinkers vir ‘n blomtuin. 

This inspiring song, which is also Anique’s first solo single, was uniquely approached and arranged by Ghoema-nominated producer, Jattie de Beer (Douvoordag), and is now being released to major radio stations for the first time.

The song, with its healing and soothing acoustic sound, is about a figurative tree that grows in everyone’s heart. The tree has glitter instead of flowers that can be used to cheer up or heal the hearts and lives of those around us.

However, it is also clear that it cannot be forced – the glitter is not ‘received’ if the Wind (Holy Spirit) does not blow it onto someone. ‘Blinkerboom is a song of hope to remind listeners how much God and their friends and family love them,’ says Anique.

It is now available on iTunes and https://blinkerboom.co.za/store/category/musiek.

Anique’s watercolour sketches also feature in Blinkers vir ‘n blomtuin. During lockdown, Corinne spotted this remarkable hobby of Anique on Instagram and approached her to read the story and make sketches for it.

‘We do not want this to be just a book – we want it to be a movement. Something that mothers, daughters, girlfriends and colleagues (all women) can buy for each another and work through together if necessary. It is an opportunity for women to be supportive and spread their glitter in a time when women need to know that they are enough.

We hope it can grow into something even bigger! Women’s Events (to help guests find joy); school talks (to teach young girls to build each other up instead of tearing each other down; more songs; more books… until the Blinkerboom becomes a Blinkerbos!’, explain Corinne and Anique.

Blinkers vir ‘n blomtuin is a wonderful book with delicate illustrations and memorable metaphors. It looks like a field of cosmos… until the message hits you and changes your life forever.’ –  Maretha Maartens

In Blinkers vir ‘n blomtuin you will find small rays of light that you will let into your heart and that will accompany you for the rest of your life.” – Joshua na die Reën

Blinkers vir ‘n blomtuin reminds you that you deserve much more than the pain you have experienced and that those thorns need to be removed for you to find joy. It is not always easy to get rid of pain, but it is definitely worth it. This book is a pocket guide with words and illustrations, a journal and a map that will help with your healing process.’ –Nadia Beukes

Follow Blinkers vir ‘n blomtuin on Facebook and Instagram.

Details: http://www.blinkerboom.co.za

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