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Back the wine industry and stand a chance to win wine for a year

Take part in SA’s biggest wine survey and stand a chance to win wine for a year plus other incredible prizes! So grab a glass of your favourite vino, choose your comfy spot and take the survey

Now, more than ever, the SA wine industry desperately needs meaningful insights to ensure production, packaging and marketing efforts are in line with consumer needs. The inaugural 2020 Great BIG Wine Survey (GBWS) – embraced by wine producers and celebrated by industry stakeholders – established a strong foundation and paved a pathway forward for future growth. The most in-depth consumer wine survey ever undertaken in South Africa will be conducted for the second time this year with Hollard as presenting partner.

‘We have taken learnings from the inaugural GBWS along with input from key wine industry stakeholders to once again compile a survey targeting the South African wine-drinking public. The resultant insights and access to free research will equip South African wine producers to make more informed decisions amidst these uncertain and challenging times,’ says Andrew Douglas, founder of the Great BIG Wine Survey.

This year’s survey will be open to complete until the end of August. By completing the survey you will not only do your bit to help the wine industry but also stand a chance to win wine for an entire year sponsored by vinoFOMO. All respondents will also receive a free pre-recorded wine course from the Pinotage Association presented by Harry Melk (who was head of Cape Wine Academy).

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Some interesting insights from the 2020 Great BIG Wine survey:

More than 80 per cent of survey respondents reinforced that wine is for relaxing – it is encouraging to note that most people did not feel that wine was only for an elite few with higher incomes, nor that it should be drunk exclusively on special occasions. The majority indicated that wine makes ordinary meals more special.

Three in five consumers agreed that ‘wine from a can’ is a new experience they want to try, with only 28 per cent rejecting it out right across the whole sample of more than 21 000 consumers. While two in five agree that they will purchase wine ‘if the label catches my eye’, and when it comes to labelling, 70 per cent claim to read the back of the bottle when deciding what to purchase but different income groups emphasize different elements: 83 per cent of lower-income survey participants look for the alcohol percentage vs. 73 per cent of higher-income consumers check grape variety.

To find out more about the Great BIG Wine Survey click here.

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