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STORK – This Is the Secret to the Best Homemade Milk Tart…

Milk tart, more commonly referred to as melk tert in South Africa, is one of our most beloved traditional recipes. With so many quick preparation methods, it is easy to see why. But, what is the secret to the best homemade milk tart?

Making a deliciously creamy homemade milk tart goes beyond your love for baking and your occasional sweet tooth craving. The secret to making a creamy, country reminiscent milk tart that smells like ouma’s kitchen and tastes like heaven is in the margarine you use. Stork Baking Margarine is perfect for that added creaminess and is the secret ingredient to making the best homemade milk tart yet.

Here are five decadently light and fluffy homemade milk tart recipes that contain the secret ingredient for making the best homemade milk tart.


Five homemade milk tart recipes to live by

  1. The Milk Tart French Toast Bake recipe may not be the traditional one you are used to but is absolutely delicious nonetheless. Made from tasty ingredients like milk, cinnamon and vanilla extract, we bet breakfast time will be less fuss and more eating.
    Secret Ingredient– Vanilla extract and Stork baking margarine.
  2. The Baked Milk Tart recipe is more of a South African traditional recipe and remains one  of the most used to this day. You cannot go wrong with this deliciously classic milk tart recipe.
    Secret ingredient– 5ml grated orange peel and Stork baking margarine.
  3. The Cremora Tart is a refreshing twist on the traditional milk tart recipe. What the recipe in fresh milk it makes up for in taste and flavour. Come on, we know you’re going to love it!
    Secret Ingredient – Fresh lemon Juice, Stork baking margarine.
  4. Are you feeling a tad adventurous? Then the Dark Chocolate Torte with Melktert Ice Cream And Orange syrup recipe is for you. Delightful to look at and even tastier to eat, this is one different milk recipe that will have the entire family huddled at the kitchen table for seconds.
    Secret Ingredient– Nutmeg and Stork baking margarine.
  5. Loving to bake is also loving to eat. And with the Milk Tart Cake recipe, eat you will.  Whether you’re baking for the fun of it or an occasion, everyone will be sure to enjoy this creamy creation. Made with ingredients such as full cream milk, white and dark chocolate, and ground cinnamon you can only imagine the mouth-watering decadence of this recipe.
    Secret Ingredient– Sweetened condensed milk and Stork baking margarine.
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And there you have it. The secret to the best homemade milk tart recipe that will have your family dancing around the kitchen.

The Stork margarine range offers a healthy and hearty range of margarine that not only tastes great but is also good for your health. The Stork Butter Spread is ideal for cooking and sauces, while the Stork Country Spread does wonders for a slice of freshly baked bread. Until next time, enjoy the milk tart recipes and keep baking up a storm.

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