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Add a touch of natural goodness to your holiday menu 

Summer salads, sizzling braais, special desserts, party pleasers and festive feasts are now the order of the day. 

Safari Vinegar has launched a premium range just in time to take your festive food to the next level.

Safari Vinegar is South Africa’s original naturally fermented vinegar. Promising the opportunity to ‘discover nature’s best-kept secrets’, only the freshest and juiciest grapes and apples are selected to go into all of the product. Often the secret ingredient in a sensational salad dressing, a meaty marinade, a vegetable bake and even desserts and baking, vinegar are an essential pantry must-have.

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Safari Vinegar Balsamic and Organic Wine Vinegar premium range feature five home-grown, locally made and bottled options:

Cape Balsamic Vinegar, Cape Apple Balsamic Vinegar and Cape Rosa Balsamic Vinegar are the ideal vinegar to use for special occasion foods. Use in glazes, pair with crusty bread, serve with cheeseboards and drizzle over fresh summer fruits.

The Safari Organic Wine Vinegar options are Organic Red Wine Vinegar and Organic White Wine Vinegar made from 100 per cent organically-certified local grapes. Flavoursome and versatile, these everyday vinegar are perfect for salads, marinades, vegetarian dishes and glazes. The red wine option pairs well with red meats and flavourful vegetables, while the white wine vinegar is ideal for chicken and fish dishes, and pickling brine.

Safari Vinegar Organic Apple Cider Vinegar range is a natural choice for those who enjoy the organic lifestyle as well the many others committed to a healthy lifestyle. Apple cider vinegar is renowned for its therapeutic properties. Offering a different, somewhat milder flavour profile, use our organic Apple Cider Vinegars to boost your smoothie, or add a dash to your refreshing homemade summer drinks. It’s also great culinary vinegar suited to all types of cooking. The range includes Organic Apple Cider Vinegar infused with Honey and Ginger. Both options are made only from organically-certified apples grown in the Elgin Valley.

Shop the range from all major retailer stores or visit www.safarivinegar.co.za for more info.

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