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The Mother’s Day gift every mom wants

Most moms will tell you that the greatest gift they could receive is spending time with their loved ones. Sure, you can spoil mom with Mother’s Day gifts and bouquets of flowers, but if there’s one thing your mom will love most, it’s quality time with you.

Because the best gift really is quality time.

Gifting the best Mother’s Day gift doesn’t have to be a choice between showing mom heartfelt appreciation for being a great mom or letting her not be a mom for the day. The secret is to do both, no matter how you choose to celebrate, the below thoughtful Mother’s Day gift options are guaranteed to help deepen your bond:

  1. Cook a family recipe – every family has a recipe that gets passed down from generation to generation. Celebrate Mother’s Day by teaching the little ones in the family the secrets to making Granny’s famous lemon cake or Mom’s prize-winning chocolate pie.
  2. It’s the little things that matter. Pause the day by indulging in a moment of bliss with your mom and LINDOR. Every mom’s favourite gift, the irresistibly smooth Lindt truffles and this year you can personalise the gift by adding mom’s special name. Perfect for special moments, sharing, gift giving or your everyday me moments.
  3. Help tackle mom’s to-do list – some moms may crave time away from household responsibilities on Mother’s Day, while others may want nothing more than a helping hand. If there’s something Mom has been putting off — like cleaning the coffee maker or fixing a running toilet— use the day as an opportunity to help cross it off her to-do list.
  4. Self-care – whether you attend a yoga class together, head to a spa, or indulge in an at-home treatment or two, Mom is sure to appreciate a few hours taking care of herself with you by her side.
  5. Take a flower arranging class – sending mom flowers on Mother’s Day is a fool proof way to show her you’re thinking of her, but why not take it one step further and make your own bouquet this year?
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