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Die Gelofte – A brand-new musical now on stage at Afriforum theatre

Die Gelofte: ‘n Musiekblyspel is a family-oriented wartime love story about an outsider who had no chance of achieving victory on his own.

This production, with music and lyrics by Johan Vorster and Jacomien de Wet, follows the events leading up to the day of the covenant (vow) during the Battle of Blood River.

Acclaimed scriptwriter, Jannes Erasmus, wrote and directed this modern-day historical piece that reveals something about history, but also brings hope and teaches life lessons.

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When Aimee and Ali, two high school drama students, discover letters in the basement of the theatre, the story of Sarel Cilliers and the Voortrekkers’ journey across the Drakensberg to the promised land unfolds; a love story between two young people who seem to have an impossibly happy ending.

“History cannot be rewritten, but it can be approached from a different perspective. When you see the musical, you will understand why it was important to us to tell this story. Parallels are drawn that are still relevant today. Land, family ties and the gruesome reality of life,” says Jannes.

Johan and Jocomien add: “We believe that it will touch the lives of every person who watches it. There was hope for us in 1838 and there is still hope for us today.”

To make things even more exciting, the production also boasts a star-studded cast, including Johan Vorster, Nadia Beukes, Bernice West, Eddie de Jager, Zöricke Snyman, Jacomien de Wet, Ilán van Staden and more.

Johan, a renowned songwriter and producer (De la Rey, Pa en Seun, Eendag as ons Groot is, Swart Koffie, Skepe, Nonna, Net voor die Storm kom, and many more), is returning to the stage after he decade of working behind the scenes and used to be part of the SAMA award-winning group, Eden (Is jy Bang, 54 5de straat, Lyf teen Lyf and Kwart oor 5).

Die Gelofte: ‘n Musiekblyspel promises to take you on an emotional rollercoaster and will stay with you long after the final curtain call.

Watch Die Gelofte: ‘n Musiekblyspel music video below:

Tickets are now available at R350 per person at https://linktr.ee/dieGelofte.

For more info visit diegelofte.co.za

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