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Five dangers of glamourising mental health on social media

Social media has done wonders in allowing people to speak out about mental health and to raise awareness about this common, serious problem. Having said that, it has, unfortunately, also seen people glorify the condition, making it trendy or cool.

The problem is that having every second influencer or social media user claim to have mental health issues trivialises the severity of it and affects those who truly suffer from these conditions. 

We took a deep dive into the dangers of glamourising mental health issues with Brain Harmonics to understand why it needs to stop: 

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  1. Seeing mental health as a trend takes away the severity of it and can lead to people with mental health issues feeling like their problems are not as important as others who are glorifying their conditions. 
  2. Watching others trivialise mental health issues can lead to a lack of self-worth, which can further exacerbate their mental health issues.
  3. People who should be getting professional help for their mental health might not do so, and rather try to cope on their own, which can make their condition even worse. 
  4. Not getting proper treatment can lead to an increased risk of suicide in the mental health community. 
  5. Could make people feel like they have to hide their mental health issues as they do not want to seem as though they are seeking attention, which is particularly problematic for people who feel isolated and unsupported. 

What you should be doing: 

Take a break from social media and get professional help. Speak to an expert about what treatment options are best for your condition. Neurofeedback is a safe and effective therapy that will help your brain balance and helps with anxiety, sleep, calming busy brains down as well as depression and PTSD.

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