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Rolling with babe: Pick the perfect pram for both of you

A lot of your decisions may feel big and important during your pregnancy. Let picking your pram be one of the easiest with this ultimate five-point checklist.

Prams are an essential purchase for parents as they solve the “baby transport” problem. However, when it comes to selecting a pram, there are many categories to choose from: Ultra-compact travelling prams suitable for public transport, shopping malls and air travel to big running prams for active parents or tandem/twin prams designed to carry two children close in age or twins at once.

With so many options available, it is important to consider your lifestyle, budget, and needs when selecting a pram that suits you and your baby best.

Many first-time parents make the mistake of purchasing a pram without fully considering all the important factors involved, which can lead to regrets down the line, not to mention unbudgeted expenses.

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Ronald Govender, the Dis-Chem Baby City FMCG executive, advises parents to do their research and to keep these five key considerations in mind when purchasing prams and strollers for their babies:

Consider safety features:

As children are at risk of injury in prams or strollers, choosing a pram or stroller for your baby should be centered around the safety features. Parents are encouraged to make sure the pram or stroller meets the mandatory safety standard, has a five-point restraint harness and easy-to-use brake system and good suspension which plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride for your baby.

A travel system can save money as it provides the flexibility to bundle your pram with a compatible car seat, carrycot, and/or base that caters to your budget and lifestyle preferences.

Some ultra compact prams are not suitable from birth without a bassinet. This is because they do not recline flat allowing baby to sleep. Many compact prams have an outward-facing design, which may not be ideal for young babies who require constant attention and monitoring.


Look beyond aesthetics and consider design and features:

While pretty fabrics and finishes are ‘nice’, it’s important to look beyond aesthetics and consider the design, durability, innovative features and how you will get around when you’re using the pram.  Look for quality materials and features that will make travelling with your baby easier, such as adjustable handles, adjustable seats, and storage compartments. Consider whether you intend to have additional children and the duration for which you will be utilising the pram.

For active parents, a crucial factor when selecting a jogging or running pram is its stability and maneuverability, which can impact both your safety and your child’s comfort during physical activity. Make sure to assess the pram’s compatibility with uneven or outdoor terrains such as grass, sand, and bumpy surfaces.

It’s also important to check the height of the handlebars, to prevent bending too low and in turn causing back pain.

Baby’s comfort:

Keeping your baby comfortable in the pram or stroller is fundamental to enjoying walks with your little one. Therefore, parents are advised to consider prams/strollers that are well-cushioned and have a good suspension to maintain comfortability. The pram should also provide shelter from wind or sunburn. Consideration should be provided for toys to keep baby entertained.


Check the size of the pram:

Consider both the folded and unfolded size of the pram. Will it fit in the boot of your car or in spaces provided on public transport? Will it fit through an average-sized door? Make sure you measure your space and consider any future plans before making a decision.

Jogging prams and tandem/twin prams for example, tend to be bulkier and take up more space which is a key consideration depending on your mode of transport if you are ordering an Uber or Bolt and based on the size of your car.

Ask the right questions!

There is no silly question when asking for details on the different types of prams. Remember to always bear in mind baby’s needs, your lifestyle, where you will use the pram.

When you’re in the store, ask for a full demonstration of the pram. Try folding and unfolding it yourself, putting on any attachments, and giving it a push around the shop. Check if the instruction manual is clear and if the guarantee covers necessary repairs.

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