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Living our healthiest lifestyle

The Joy Journal for Grown-ups is a collection of simple crafts that can bring a little more calm into your everyday life.

Natural beauty

We are massive fans of the Earthsap range - natural, biodegradable, locally made products ranging from kitchen and laundry essentials.

Women in medicine

We’re celebrating four specialist doctors, each with unique and rare specialities. Best of all? You’ll find them at the modern, healing environment of Life...


Despite the increasing number of people impacted by infertility, the subject is still not a topic openly discussed. Let’s change that! Research shows infertility in...

How to eat right in hybrid work times … plus easy workday meal ideas

Many people are either returning to the office full-time or adjusting to a new hybrid working routine. One thing is for sure, corporate health...

Dry lips. A sore, red, runny nose.

Colds. Flu. Allergies. It’s a tough season. Which is why we keep Letibalm Nose and Lip repair in our handbag.