To ring in the cheer this festive season, BUCO has created two DIY projects that can be crafted at home during the holidays. Gather the family, host a craft day and add some extra festive glee to your home.

Christmas tree

While nothing quite makes a statement like a ceiling-high fir tree, this no-fuss, modern creation adds extra sparkle to an entrance hall, office reception or a small apartment limited on space.

You will need
• 2x pine cleats cut to 80cm in length for the sides • 1x pine cleat cut 45cm in length for the base • Laminated pine cut to 77cm in length by 12cm wide and 2cm thick for the foot piece • 2x dowel sticks cut to the following lengths: 6cm, 13cm, 24cm and 34cm • 10x 14mm cup hooks • Fast-set wood glue • 5 wood screws.

How to
1. Cut the wood to size, making sure the ends are cut at an angle to fit together to form a triangle.
2. Drill holes where the dowel sticks fit in to the sides of the tree.
3. Sand the wood with a sand block.
4. Put the dowel sticks in place with glue on the one side and fit the other side onto the dowel sticks, followed by the base. All planks must be glued first and allowed to dry.
5. Screw the planks together to keep it secure.
6. Glue the triangle to the foot piece. Once dry, screw the foot piece in to secure.
7. Screw the cup hooks into the dowel sticks where you want to hang your decorations. If you struggle to screw them in, make a small indent with a drill.
8. Hang your decorations.

Christmas sign

As an alternative to a festive wreath, this Christmas sign can brighten up your front door, mantelpiece or and open spot where some cheer is needed.

You will need
• 2x laminated pine cut 20cm wide and 50cm in length, with the top corners cut off. • Vinyl stickers with Merry Christmas wording. These can be printed at any printing store in Mbombela. Be sure to take the cut planks in to match the size. • Sisal rope of 1m in length, cut in half. • Christmas ribbon. • Sanding block. • Paint or wood stain of your choice if you are colouring the wood.

How to
1. Once the wood is cut, drill a hole in the top of the two pieces to thread through the rope. 2. Sand with the sand block. 3. If you are colouring the wood, paint or stain it with wood stain and allow to dry. 4. Stick on the stickers. 5. Thread through the sisal rope. 6. Tie the Christmas ribbon at the top into a neat bow.

BUCO has collaborated with Get It to bring you a creative project each month. All items can be bought in store and assistants are on hand to cut any wood to size. Like its Facebook page, BUCO Nelspruit, to stay up to date with craft workshops offered in store. These make for crafty end-year functions, team building, kitchen teas or a lady’s day out.