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Extraordinary wine for special occasions

Only extraordinary wines are awarded Platter’s five-star accolade – those that are ‘South African classics’ and score 95 points or more on the internationally recognised 100-point scale. So we’re not wrong when we say one of the most extraordinary wines we’ve had is the Rickety Bridge The Pilgrimage 2017 Old Vine Semillon, which was given a coveted 5-Star rating as well as Joint Best Semillon Award in the 2020 Platter’s South African Wine Guide.

This limited-edition wine – only 1600 bottles were produced – has a full, rich extraordinarily satiny palate of honey, nougat and citrus, which is perfectly balanced with caramel sweetness and a beautiful lingering creamy finish. Rich and intense yet fresh, it finishes regally and perfectly dry. Ready to drink now, this wine has great ageing potential for up to at least 10 years from harvest.

It’s a wine made to last and improve with age. An elegant Semillon, it’s extremely versatile and can be paired with a variety of dishes – delicious with biryani, chicken curry, roast pork, seafood, shellfish, roast chicken and paella. At R450 a bottle, it’s obviously for very special occasions. Shop online at ricketybridge.com.

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