Mask up

These are the masks we do want to wear. Handy. Easy to use. Powerful ingredients. It’s like having a salon treatment at home.

We’re big fans of supporting local … so our pick of the month goes to these Girlboss Health Cellulose Masks. There are a few to choose from – with Vitamin C, or Hyaluronic acid, or Niacinamide. No nasties … so paraben, silicone, fragrance free, vegan friendly and cruelty free. And really fab show-off-on-your-bathroom-vanity packaging. R110 each from

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This Sothys Perfect Shape Stretch Mask provides an instant lift to the contours of the face. The fabric mask combines the mechanical shaping action of an original stretch fabric with a collection of active botanical ingredients, including almond seed extract, seaweed extract, and hibiscus stem cell extract. R1550 for a box of 10. Details: 021-701-2900 for your closest stockist.

Revive your skin with this Pomegranate Revitalising Mask, with Vitamin C and pomegranate for smooth and renewed skin. Fragrance free and derma tested, R79.95.

This W.Beauty Cucumber Refreshing Mask is formulated with aloe leaf extract and liquorice extract to soothe and brighten skin leaving it glowing and feeling rejuvenated, R79.95. Both from Woolworths.

An excellent way to add additional antioxidant protection to your routine, this Avène A-Oxitive Sheet Mask provides the optimal of Vitamins C and E you need, leaving skin with a radiant glow. Leave on for 10 minutes, and when removing, make sure you massage any leftover serum into the skin … it’ll feel moisturised and plumper. We’re tried these, and they’re marvellous (use before a big night out). R99

The innovative root4 Mask Antidote is a super over-achiever … it brightens, detoxifies and softens wrinkles all while providing intense hydration, healing inflammation, treating breakouts and fading pigmentation. Suitable for all skin types. R785 from

Here’s a hack well worth knowing. Before you start, exfoliate your skin … it’ll get rid of excess dead skin cells so the mask ingredients will penetrate deeper. Then, once you’ve applied your sheet mask, whip out your facial roller and roll over your face for ten minutes or so. This helps improve blood circulation, and together with the exfoliation, the mask ingredients will be better absorbed. We fancy this Sh’zen Jade Facial Roller (jade represents wisdom, balance and peace) R459 from

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