Get your flip flops out for the CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation


Did you know, in some way or form, most people have a link to childhood cancer?

While it may not affect you directly in some cases, it could be someone close to you; a beloved family member or the child of a close friend or colleague. But one thing is for certain – we all know of one brave little child or teenager fighting against it every day.

And luckily, they’re never alone – these courageous soldiers receive the needed support, love and strength from those around them, and even from a stranger or two through a donation.

There are many organisations, such as CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa, that advocate for the fight against this life-threatening illness – offering psychosocial, emotional and patient facing support to families, as well as children and teenagers diagnosed with cancer.

Made up of passionate, caring, committed and dedicated staff and volunteers, CHOC’s one goal is simple – to save lives through early detection, and to enable us all to stand up, stand strong and stand together to support these fearless little warriors. Which is what their Flip Flop Day is all about.

CHOC is not really about counting the days, but more about making each and every day count. CHOC is about using hope as the medicine for all diseases.

And so, Flip Flop Day and mascot Flippie have stepped up to the forefront to get every South African – young or old, the corporate or casual, the beach-side dweller or the city slicker – to get up and literally wear their heart on their soles on Friday, February 17.

As the needs of the children, teenagers and their families increase and CHOC’s desire to enhance their augmentation of the medical fraternity treatment continues, they want to raise even more than the R2 million donated last year!

Where can I get my Flip Flop Day sticker?

Partnered for greatness, you can get your sticker for only R10 at your nearest PNA, Tekkie Town, or by visiting or popping into your nearest CHOC region. Online options also include PayFast, PayPal (so international supporters can support us too) and other similar digital platforms.

FlySafair also decided to be a part of this special day and is hosting a competition where you have the chance to win a return flight within South Africa. All you have to do is like and share their post once you purchased our stickers online.

The Courier Guy recently partnered with CHOC as well to take off the pressure of courier fees for all stickers that are bought online, providing the delivery service at no cost.

So, are you ready to be flip’n awesome this Flip Flop Day? Ready to flip on your favourite pair of flip flops and rock out with your toes out? Let’s help pave the way with love and support for these amazing kids to see a brighter tomorrow.