Budget-friendly family Easter weekend getaways: Part 2


With this tough economy and the even tougher exchange rate, it’s best to reel in your holiday budget and opt for a local holiday instead of heading outside SA’s borders.

We’ve got just the list of activities and must-visit spots in the Eastern, Western and/or Northern Cape to help you plan your holiday getaway and to make sure there is plenty of family friendly fun to be had. 

Book your pet sitter, pack your bags and plan your trip with these location tips from Tracker:

Eastern Cape

Hiking trips: Get into nature and enjoy the summer weather by going on a hiking trip. Choose a safe route based on your fitness level and use it as an opportunity to rack up your 10 000 steps. Try the Tsitsikamma National Park and make your way over the famous Storms River suspension bridge

Waterparks or public pools: As the mercury rises, you’ll be seeking ways to stay cool. A day of supertubing or lounging by the pool is just what the doctor ordered for your daily dose of Vitamin D – just add sunblock, watermelon and a cocktail for the parents. The Wild Water Fun Park in Plettenberg Bay is a great option just off the N2.

The Owl House in Nieu-Bethesda. The owner, Helen Martins, turned her house and the area around it into a visionary environment, elaborately decorated with ground glass and containing more than 300 statues including owls, camels, peacocks, pyramids, and people.

Northern Cape

– For the architecture junkies: Standing tall in Du Toitspan Road in Kimberley, the St Cyprian’s Cathedral is a must-see. This building has the longest nave of any church in South Africa. It is hard to miss with the beautiful hues of its stained glass windows.

– Find the best ice-cream: When they say it gets hot in the Northern Cape, they’re serious – 40 degrees is not uncommon. Fill your car with ice-cream connoisseurs and set out to find the best soft serves or milkshakes. This could be at a local ice-cream shop, or even heading to a new area to try the McDonalds McFlurry you once heard about on a hot summer night.


Western Cape

– Museums: On certain days, many museums are free to enter. Meet at a central spot and head out with friends to discover your local museums and find out more about your city. The Iziko Museum in Cape Town, which includes the Planetarium, is a must-visit!

– Walking tours: Take advantage of the sunshine and head into Woodstock for the graffiti tour, or wait until night falls and join the ghost walk in Simon’s Town, if you dare…

– Ronnies Sex Shop: An iconic landmark in the Klein Karoo. The story goes that Ronnie painted the name ‘Ronnies Shop’; on the side of the building with the aim of selling fresh produce, but business didn’t get off to a good start. So his friends decided they would add the word ‘Sex’ to the name for a laugh, making it read ‘Ronnies Sex Shop’;. And the rest is history.