Why the KZN South Coast is a good property investment for those over 50


Property investment remains a sound investment, but location is key when it comes to ensuring a high return on your investment.

For those over 50 looking for great property investment opportunities in South Africa, the KZN South Coast is emerging as a top contender for a number of reasons – with Renishaw Hills one of them.

“There is a lot of development happening on the KZN South Coast right now as the comparatively affordable property prices, natural resources, and subtropical climate gain some worthwhile attention,” commented Jonathan Acutt, Managing Director of Acutts Real Estate. “For people over 50 who have yet to add a property to their investment portfolio, or for those looking to diversify their portfolios, there is ample opportunity on the KZN South Coast.”

1. Booming tourism industry
For years, the KZN South Coast has been a popular domestic holiday destination, and now its unspoilt beaches – including Blue Flag beaches – highly rated dive sites, nature trails, and annual Sardine Run are attracting global attention. With the tourism industry thriving, there is high demand for rental properties which makes investing in a buy-to-rent option lucrative for those approaching retirement age.

2. Favourable market conditions
Unlike other locations along the South African coastline, the property prices on the KZN South Coast are comparatively cost-effective, and the property market is currently favourable for buyers. Potential investors can find good quality properties at reasonable prices, ensuring a positive return on investment.

3. Beautiful scenery
With 58 sandy beaches, many nature reserves, gorges, cliffs, waterfalls, lagoons and a year-round warm climate, the natural resources make the KZN South Coast a very inviting destination. Whether looking to buy a property as a rental unit, as a holiday home, or as a primary retirement residence, the beauty of this region makes any investment an attractive option.

4. Retirement planning
For those over 50 years who are planning for retirement, property on the KZN South Coast should top the list. Properties within retirement estates are in high demand as life expectancy for South Africans is increasing. The rental income can be used to supplement a retirement income, the proceeds of a sale can generate a lump sum for retirement, or it can be a primary residence at a later stage in life.

5. Secure options
The launch of the 2.6-million-square-metre Renishaw Coastal Precinct along the KZN mid-South Coast has expanded investment opportunities in the region. Renishaw Hills, a mature lifestyle development, is the first development within this mixed-use precinct which is set to include residential, retail, educational, healthcare and light industrial/commercial zones. This offers investors a range of property options with state-of-the-art security, high-end facilities, extensive nature trails, and welcoming communities for retirees.

Acutt continues: “If you’re considering investing along the KZN South Coast, we advise working with a reputable estate agent with local market experience. Location is also a must, as the region is vast and local insight will position you close to beaches and local amenities. When buying in an estate, it’s also important to ask about property maintenance as this will need to be factored in when calculating investment returns.”

Renishaw Hills ticks all the right boxes for a valuable investment for the over 50s. This Scottburgh-based estate has just launched Phase 6, a series of high-end free-standing units and maisonettes boasting spectacular sea views and houses surrounded by coastal greenery. Start a new adventure by booking an in-person or virtual tour or visit any weekend for the Open Day. Email [email protected] or visit www.renishawhills.co.za