How to take the best winter property listing photos 


Planning on selling your home this winter? Not the easiest time of year to show off your property, as the garden probably isn’t green and lush, and it’s often rainy, which makes it tricky for the photographer to really make your home shine. 

On top of that, you also have a smaller buyer pool to market to due to the ever-increasing interest rates, which means it’s even more important to grab the attention of the few who are in the market to buy with stunning photos. 

The secret to winning photos is good preparation, which means it’s time to get your staging skills on. To help you master the art of staging, we got three tips from RE/MAX of Southern Africa to get your house in tip-top photoshoot shape:

Plan according to the weather: We know the weather forecast is not always that trustworthy, but try to pick a day with a good chance of sunshine when planning your photoshoot. This will best to showcase the exterior of the home, but it can also help the listing stand out against the other homes that are all shot against dark and gloomy backgrounds. Alternatively, you could aim for a high-quality dusk photoshoot – just be sure to illuminate the windows of the home and the home’s exterior to make the home pop against the dark backdrop.

Make sure the exterior is neat and tidy: Harsh winter storms can cause havoc on a home’s exterior appearance. Before the listing photos are taken, spruce up the place by removing any debris that might have blown into the garden, sweeping away fallen leaves, plucking out weeds, and trimming back any overgrown shrubbery. If needed, retouch any exterior walls and fix any clogged or cracked gutters. Puddles of pooling water should also be addressed before the photographer arrives.

Make the interior cosy and warm: If the home has a wood-burning fireplace, consider lighting a fire in time for the photos. Add touches of warmth, such as blankets, rugs, or cushions, to make the space feel more inviting. Turn on lights in each room to make sure the rooms don’t feel dark and gloomy. Winter often also means more clutter, like wet shoes by the entrance or coats thrown over chairs to dry out, and blankets or hot water bottles left on couches from last night’s movie marathon. Be sure to hide away these items, as well as other clutter or personal items, before photos are taken.