Our favourite Ladybug and Cat Noir takes their antics to the big screen


When Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, an animated French show for children was launched in 2015, it captured the imagination of countless fans around the world.

Five seasons in, the dynamic teen duo is finally heading for the big screen in MIRACULOUS LADYBUG & CAT NOIR: THE MOVIE, the much-anticipated feature adaptation of the globally beloved Miraculous franchise.

The story follows two seemingly ordinary teenagers, the timid Marinette Dupain-Cheng and Adrien Agreste, the sheltered son of a famous designer. Both appear to have very normal lives – they go to school and deal with the usual teen drama associated with friends, family, and growing up.

However, when a villain threatens their beloved City of Lights, the teens transform into Ladybug and Cat Noir, respectively. Bestowed with magical powers by an enchanted gem, they must unite to save Paris as the evil Hawk Moth turns everyday citizens into villains. Like the series, the movie explores the clever premise of the secret identities of Marinette and Adrien and how it impacts their relationship.

The film, which can be described as a CG-animated musical superhero movie, was directed and co-written by Jeremy Zag alongside Bettina Lopez Mendoza. Centred on the origin story of the star-crossed teens, it features the family-friendly fun the franchise is known for, only on a much grander scale.

Having always known that the dynamic characters of the Miraculous franchise had immense potential to be adapted for the big screen, writer-director-producer Zag set out to create an experience that would not only please fans of the original show, but that would also draw in an entirely new generation of viewers.

As such, for fans of the original Miraculous television series, much of the film’s plot will be familiar as it aligns with elements of the origin story that have already been shared. However, the movie is also a great launching pad for anyone who has never seen the animated series.

Zag explains: “While we set out to make new viewers fall in love with the characters and feel what the fans have always felt about them, we wanted everyone, old and new fans alike, to be swept away by the love story, the exciting action sequences and the songs and music.”

In addition to his roles as co-writer, director and producer, Zag also composed the music and co-wrote the songs for the movie. For him, music is a vital element of the film and plays an important role in conveying the emotions and plot twists and turns throughout. “With music you can touch the hearts of everyone.”

He adds that it was essential for the film’s creative team to feature characters and themes that help people overcome personal doubts and explore their full potential. “For me, it was very important to develop characters that help people discover their true selves. Viewers need to understand that the true hero of the film is the person behind the mask. That’s the big takeaway from the movie – to learn the importance of believing in yourself and understanding that you don’t need a superhero or a mask to reach your dreams or overcome your fears.”

Co-writer Mendoza believes audiences will have a lot of fun when they watch the movie. “I think we give them a little bit of everything. The movie has action-packed sequences, beautiful musical numbers that are uplifting and fun, and of course, a love story.” More importantly, she says, she hopes that people who feel lonely or need a confidence boost, will find the movie to be a source of inspiration. “The story may be targeting young viewers, but I feel that audiences of all ages will find something in the Miraculous world that will appeal to and inspire them.”

MIRACULOUS LADYBUG & CAT NOIR: THE MOVIE ties in nicely with the expanding superhero sub-genre, which continues to take the world by storm, and is sure to engage and entertain longstanding fans and newcomers alike.

The film is distributed by Filmfinity Pty (Ltd.) and opens in local cinemas on 28 July 2023. Watch the trailer here.