Bullies. Sisters. And love. What’s new on the bookshelves


Wondering what your next read will be? Look no further – these amazing new titles will have you saying ‘just one more chapter’ until the very end.

Renee Kapuku and Courtney Daniella Boateng, hosts of the hit podcast To My Sisters, have written a guide of the same name … a guide to building lifelong friendships. It may not be your spouse or parent, but everyone needs someone to love, support and cherish them unconditionally. That someone could well be a female friend. “Let’s glow and grow together,” they say. Pan Macmillan

In Big Bully – An Epidemic of Unkindness, Marion Scher explores the culture of bullying – in schools, in the workplace, and in homes. She sets out to find out why we’re surrounded by bullies, calling on the help of experts and talking to bullies and their victims. Bookstorm

The relationship architect Shelley Lewin has written what boasts to be the ultimate guide navigating the complex landscape of love and building a thriving partnership with your significant other. Uncomplicated Love – A step-by-step guide for building thriving relationships is for those who’re feeling unstuck and unsure in their love life, for those wanting answers on how to improve their relationships. Staging Post

Unlabelled by Sthandiwe Langa is a coming of age story … one of a girl grappling with her sexuality and religious beliefs. She often feels guilty and confused, she tries to date men but her heart isn’t in it. But she also feels she doesn’t fit into the LGBTQIA+ community. A story of judgement, abuse, living a fake life, rejection, deceit, and learning the meaning of true love. Reach Books