Your guide to luxurious glamping this festival season


Soft life? Everyone wants a piece, from 5-star hotels to glamping, all the time… Even better when it comes with letting someone else do the groundwork. So, why not elevate your festival experience to sheer opulence by considering the pinnacle of camping: Glamping.

The most authentic luxury tequila from Mexico, Don Julio unveils five glamourous guidelines for transforming your upcoming festival escapades into a truly unforgettable affair.

Gear up for your glamping

It’s no secret that glamping is truly the only way to camp. Meticulously selecting your accommodation is as important as the feat itself. Festivals such as Rocking the Daisies offer a range of high-end glamping options, from sumptuous bell tents to opulent yurts, which can be found at Daisyland, so your choice should reflect your party’s size as well as your desire for ultimate comfort and seclusion when needed. This ‘tent’ will be your home away from home for a couple of days so opt for the exquisite amenities such as plush bedding, electricity, and private spa-like bathrooms, ensuring an extravagant haven amid the festival’s vibrant chaos.

Pack your pampering essentials

Nurturing your skin takes precedence, especially within the confines of a music festival. The combination of relentless sun, pervasive dust, and endless dance floor hours demands impeccable skincare. Keep your cleansing efforts in check with a deluxe Dermalogica hydration elixir meticulously made to freshen, rejuvenate, and keep your skin resplendent from perspiration and grime. For example, protect your skin with a water-resistant SPF 50 that safeguards your skin from the unrelenting summer sun, and achieve glowing skin with the Moroccan Oil lotion and you are good to go.

Fest fit check

Unleash your inner style maven by embracing the festival’s vibrant spirit with a parade of high-fashion and deliberate statements.  Pack your favourite pair of Raybans, not just for their fashionable flair but also as a protective barrier against the sun’s brilliance. On the other end of the weather spectrum, expect the unexpected with Cape Town’s capricious weather. Layer your attire in duck-down padded jackets, allowing you to gracefully adapt to shifting temperatures without sacrificing style.

Adorn yourself in artisanal craftmanship

Embrace an aura of exclusivity at Daisyland by enjoying options offered nowhere else on the Rocking the Daisies site. Don Julio’s has chosen to up the festival feasts by bringing in the finest gourmet dining options prepared by culinary artisan, Chef Katlego Mlambi at the Don’s Table.

Take the experience further by relaxing at the regal spa experiences on offer, including massages, facials and express pampering sessions that will rejuvenate your body and spirit amidst the festival’s whirlwind.