Get your beach body ready by boosting your gut health


Summer is around the corner and if you are feeling nervous about getting back into your bikini, then it’s time to set your beach body goals…and that doesn’t necessarily mean living on lettuce and spinning all day in the gym. 

A healthy beach body goes deeper than just weight loss or toning – it starts in the gut. Gut health plays a pivotal role in how your body processes nutrients, and it can have a significant impact on cellulite reduction and weight management. A well-balanced gut microbiome can help your body metabolize food efficiently and prevent the build up of fat in problem areas. Focus on these six tips to boost your gut health, reduce bloating and inflammation while promoting weight loss: 

  • Reduce your sugar intake. 
  • Give up the gluten and replace with sour dough. 
  • Ditch the dairy and replace with coconut yoghurt and cashew cheeses.
  • Reduce alcohol intake, as this can cause bloating, cellulite and weight gain. Keep it clean with a refreshing tequila, soda and freshly squeezed lime as your go-to-cocktail. 
  • Follow a diet rich in fibre and fresh leafy green veggies, fermented foods like kimchi, and daily probiotics. If you struggle with the leafy greens, put them into a smoothie and drink up all the goodness or try one of our favourite superfood smoothies, Good Gut Glow. 
Image provided by Eco Diva Natural
  • Hydrate from the inside out. Fresh, spring water with a squeeze of lemon is wonderful to sip all day and will assist in balancing your body’s pH levels – essential to maintaining health and losing those unwanted pounds.