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Less screen time, more play time with Ms Mol

With holiday season around the corner, we have the best book for children to read and get inspired by the many ways to play. It’s the perfect gift!

Suited for children aged 2-7 years, the story serves as a delightful reminder of the amusements that generations before them fondly played, and cherished.

In Ms Mol’s Favourite Games, young readers embark on an exciting adventure with Ms Mol as she lists her favourite games like hide and seek, hopscotch, hula hooping and musical statues, all whilst embracing the joy of physical play and creativity. These games are not only fun and interactive, but they also cost nothing and can be played anywhere, fostering a sense of nostalgia for the good old-fashioned and timeless games that have been loved for generations.

“The purpose of both books is to bring upliftment. Ms Mol helps her readers discover and focus on things that bring joy. The concept I use is similar to how a gratitude list brings us adults back into the present moment. It’s amazing to see children’s little faces light up when they speak about things they love,’” says author Marlisa Doubell.

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Doubell, a South African actor, producer, drama teacher, mom, and author released this second book in her popular Ms Mol’s series after the first book in the series, Ms Mol’s Favourite Things was released in April 2022. With Ms Mol’s Favourite Games, she aims to rekindle the spirit of outdoor play, promoting crucial motor skills and healthy physical activity. The book pays homage to the games we all cherished in our childhoods, long before smartphones, tablets, and YouTube and social media stole the spotlight.

The heartwarming tales of Ms Mol and her favourite games provide a wonderful platform for parents and caregivers to connect with their children actively. The book engages young readers by prompting them with questions and encouraging them to share their own passions and interests. This interactive element fosters language development, imagination, creativity, memory, intellect, independence and very importantly physical play.

Ms Mol’s Favourite Games and Ms Mol’s Colouring Book are priced at R240 each and is available on Kindle, as well as in paperback on Amazon, Loot, and selected outlets.

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