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4 Steps for the perfect girls’ night out

Get the preparation right!
Before heading out for a night on the town, it’s time for some girls’ night pampering. Start the evening early and enjoy some group pampering. Enhance the fun and playful mood with personal care products that set the tone for your night out, such as the Flirtatious Body Cream from Playgirl. In fact, you’ll find the roll-on and spray in the same fragrance too, to complete your preparation.

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Conquer the city
Now that you’re looking and smelling sensational, it’s time to conquer the city. Join the lively crowds on First Thursdays, when galleries, restaurants, and bars in Cape Town and Johannesburg open their doors until late. Whether you’re dining at a trendy rooftop restaurant, sipping mocktails at a chic lounge, or dancing the night away at a swanky club, the city is your playground.

Midnight snacks are a must
As the clock strikes midnight and the night begins to wind down, cherish the memories you’ve made and the friendships you hold dear. Whether you’re laughing until your sides ache, sharing secrets under the starlit sky, or simply making your way home, don’t forget your favourite takeout or garage junk food run to complete the evening.

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Homeward Bound
Enjoy the evening safely and opt for a taxi ride home as you wind down your girls’ night. But don’t start mourning the end of summer just yet! The adventures may take a different route, but they’re far from over.

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